10 Young Female Artists You’ll Love To See On Your Instagram Feed

We all love to scroll through Instagram, but sometimes we get a little tired of seeing another video of our friend’s dog snoring or the fifth selfie in a row of that cool girl you know from art class. When that happens, you know it’s time to follow some new people.

But why not do yourself a favor and give your eyes a serious visual orgasm and follow some kickass artists instead of that dude who posts way too many photos of his gym progress? Sounds like a good idea, yeah? Yeah. So here are 10 artists you’ll love to see on your Instagram feed.


1) Swampscribbles

You know when you see someone’s drawing style and you sort of mentally do a grabby hands gesture? Right, that’s how I feel looking at Soolagna’s illustrations. The characters are original yet familiar, there’s a ton of woman of color representation and this style is just really endearing. Not to mention the fact that the illustrator is pretty dope, too. Definitely worth checking out.


2) Alia_pop

Alia Penner’s illustrations and collages are so gorgeous that they caught the attention of some big name magazine publications. If you love this work she did of Lorde for W Magazine, you’ll love the one she did of Naomi Campbell!


3) mariainesgul

You might have seen Maria’s art around Rookie Mag! Sure, this style of drawing isn’t for everyone, but I love how it’s minimalist and bold at the same time. Also, it’s just straight up aesthetically pleasing.


4) Avant_Blargh

You might know about Avant Blargh primarily as a style blogger. I did too until I realized that she has some illustration skills up her sleeve, too! A follow will definitely yield some stylegasms, but you’ll find some of her sketches every now and then.


5) Petra Collins

We’ve talked about Petra and her art a few times here at Gurl. Look, we love edgy, down to earth girls with a big ol’ feminist streak, so why not check out her photography on the go?


6) MaisieCousins

I found out about this gal while scrolling through Tumblr and something about this bright and shadowy style really grabbed me. I just love that contrast. It’s like a dark, bubbly neon wonderland. Okay, I’m done with the BS art talk. Check it out.


7) Littlemsaprill

We featured littlemsaprill in a roundup of illustrators you have to follow and it’s awesome that she has an Instagram account now! As a black girl who is into art, it’s awesome to see other black girls who are into art making a name for themselves on the internet, so support her and give her a follow!


8) natalikoromoto

What is there to love more: The style or the subject matter? It’s definitely equal amounts of each when it comes to natalikoromoto’s art. Her Insta is full of it. Her work also appears in some zines so if you want to take step into that subculture, here’s one way to do it!


9) SaramLyons

Sara’s Etsy page was the initial attention grabber, but it’s really cooler to see her works in progress through Insta. Also, her style selfies give me so much life.


10) Melstringers

If you love cute, colorful sketches with a lot of body variety and general cuteness, this is definitely an account you’ll want to follow. You can check out work in progress sketches, cool DIY crafts and fun selfies thrown in. Because no matter how much art you produce, what’s Instagram without a few selfies?


What illustrators and/or photographers do you love seeing on your Instagram feed? Do you want to promo your own insta that’s full of art, too? Tell us in the comments!


7 Young Artists We’re Loving Right Now

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  • DashErins

    also another REALLY GOOD one is @sharons.fine.art Shes not that professional or anything but she is young and an artist in training self taught and I think shes pretty good!