15 Daily Struggles Of Having Tiny Hands

I have tiny hands. You probably wouldn’t notice by looking at me because I have long fingers, so my hands don’t actually appear to be that small. But they are and I feel like I’m living in that Burger King commercial where the guy can’t hold a Whopper.

I’ve never ordered a Whopper, but I do have trouble holding large sandwiches. I’ve come to terms with this, and I really don’t think about having small hands until someone brings it up. But if you have little hands, you definitely know these daily struggles:

1. Not being able to hold a bunch of things in one hand.

This makes carrying things in one trip very difficult. That’s why I have such a big tote bag!

2. Wearing the tiniest of rings.

Seriously, “midi” rings just are rings to me.

3. Statement rings look ridiculous on you.

They’re also heavy.

4. Small nails means a small canvas for nail art.

I’ll never be able to paint a picture on my nails.

5. Opening jars.

I put rubber bands on my jar tops because I CANNOT do it. I’m strong enough, it’s just really difficult.

6. Regular gloves are too big.

The fingers get that weird wiggly section at the top because they don’t fit.

7. And fingerless gloves are just gloves with holes in them.

Well, these are just useless.

8. Friends ask you to reach for things in weird places.

“Hey can you shove your tiny hands under my couch and get that thing I dropped?”

9. Having tiny hands crushed your piano-playing dreams.

It just wasn’t in the cards.

10. And your basketball dreams.

Okay, yeah I can’t hold a basketball with one hand. What’s it to you?

12. Your claps always sound very polite.

They just don’t make a lot of noise.

13. When you shake people’s hands it’s like:

On the plus side, I have a very strong grip so people are always surprised.

14. And your hands are engulfed when you link up with someone else.

Holding hands isn’t as fun when your hand is swallowed up by someone else’s.

15. Everyone is always like “OMG your hands are so cute!”

Just embrace it. Lift your tiny hands up and put on your cutest face.
Do you have tiny hands? Do you relate to any of the above? What are some other struggles you have? Tell us in the comments!

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  • destiny0891011

    hi. i have tiny hands

  • Gwen

    I have really small hands for a 15 year old but I’m already petite as a whole(150cm) and OMG yes to having friends asking me to reach into odd places to get stuff!i once was asked to reach behind this dusty rusty cupboard AND URGHHH I REACHED BEHIND AND TOUCHED OLD GUM-cringe-

  • Becca

    I feel ya here. I also have tiny hands and the only one of these I don’t deal with is the piano thing. I’ve played for eleven years, with my tiny hands, and even though they are short and thin, I have a good reach (like ten keys across) BUT my pinkies stick out abnormally far from the rest of my fingers now…

  • Laurence

    My hands are even tinier than they’re supposed to be for my stature (I’m 154cm), and almost every one of the above applies to me. I have to say, though, that you CAN still play the piano; even though I can only manage an octave if I stretch, I’ve played the piano for almost twelve years, and I’m pretty sure that my hands would be even smaller if it weren’t for the piano.

    • Becca

      Really?! You sound just like me. I’ve been playing for eleven years, but I have a ten key stretch. Is it just me or do your pinkies sick out too…?