What Household Items Can You Masturbate With?

Masturbation is a pretty popular topic here and for good reason! It’s super normal (and common, actually) and really healthy. Seriously! Good for you for masturbating!

This week on the message boards, I noticed a topic about what to masturbate with. There are some things you just should and should not use, you guys.

Let’s see what you had to say:

sexbabe asked:
“Okay, so I masturbate nearly everyday, but I’m kinda getting bored of just using my hands. Do you have any homemade tricks to make a dildo or a vibrator or something? I’m not old enough to buy sex toys.”

Jenster said:
“If you have a hair brush with a round handle, that works well. Just make sure you wash it well before and after. Some girls also like to use carrots or cucumbers or bananas. Again, just make sure anything you put inside is washed well to avoid infection. I hear some girls use those electric razors for your legs, but I’ve never tried one. Another thing you can buy at your age that vibrates is an electric toothbrush, like a Crest Spinbrush. You can get them relatively cheap. Just hold the back of the brush against your clit and have fun!”

omeglemissy said:
“Well you can use these vegetables and all but the easiest thing that I ended up using for years was actually tubes/bottles. Like roll-on deo or shampoo and cream bottles. Whatever has the shape and for sure you have all the different sizes in house, and it is the least suspicious if you forget it somewhere. Who will ever think you use it to masturbate?”

bettyboop said:
“My brother’s got a little toy called a hexbugnano vibrates like crazy, and you can buy them in any toy shop. I have used modelling clay wrapped tightly in cling film to make all manner and shape of toys. Long, thin, ribbed you can get inspiration from websites with toys for sale. You will need a lube with the cling film, and the clay can break if you are more violent with it than just in/out and again good for me.”

Alrighty. First, let me say congrats for not being shy about masturbation! Masturbating is totally normal and healthy, and it’s not something you should be ashamed of.

But let’s talk about safety. It’s important to be safe because even though you’re not contracting STDs or getting pregnant from masturbating, you can still face some problems especially if you’re using strange objects. You don’t want to get an infection up there!

Please, please, please do not use fruits or vegetables or other food items to masturbate! Sticking any sort of food object in your vagina is just not a good idea.

Getting a vibrator or dildo is definitely the best and safest option if you’re looking to use something other than your hands. Even if you’re not old enough to buy sex toys in a store, you can check online. Shower heads and vibrating toothbrushes are popular options among a lot of people as well. But honestly, it’s best to get something that’s made for masturbating instead of risking getting an infection or injuring yourself by masturbating with something you found in your house.
What do you think about masturbation? Tell us in the comments!

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Yikes! Have you ever walked in on your parents having sex?


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  1. avatar melrock says:

    flash light
    got it from dollar store

  2. avatar idekanymore says:

    Sometimes you can take a toothbrush without the head on and shove use that, or a cucumber/pickle/carrot/olives inside of a condum, ive tried spoons, but those HURT. What I have also tried is hairbushes, a few sharpies, dog hair remover thingy :3, a condom full of flour, bananas, ive even used a cucumber and shaped it like a real penis, it works really well, don’t frget to shave it though

  3. avatar Mark says:

    yes sorry, I know its women’s site, I didn’t look at the URL before posting sorry ladies

  4. avatar Mark says:

    Love the internet. Is anyone in this post over 18 though wow , glad I have sons I think lol

  5. avatar dee says:

    i havent had sex yet buh my b0ifrend wants t0 im only 14. i d0nt wana realy have sex th0u what shuld i d0 ? urgent advis needed

    • avatar kayd says:

      do it until your ready, take your time (: i lost mine last year when i was 13, & i regret it, i wish i wouldve lost it at marriage lol

    • avatar Miley says:

      Okay first of all even be thinking of sex at 13 and 14. Do us all a favor and wait until marriage.

  6. avatar Alex says:

    I use my shower hose I put the water on cold and open my lips and put it on my special spot it makes me squirt so much and gives me an amazing orgasm!! I also like makeing my own dildos I put 2 condoms together and put water inside and freeze it omg it’s amazing works so well or u could find a think marker or tampons and put a condom around it to keep it in place then rap pads around it to make it thick and put another condom over it and have fun!!!

  7. avatar gabby says:

    I’m am fifteen and I started masturbating at fourteen it is the best thing ever the most frequently thing I use is shampoo bottles I know kinda weird right?? But no it actually feels amazing ! When your taking a shower 1. Sit down get comfy
    2. Grab any shampoo bottle of your choice
    3.start rubbing and your clit and rub up and down slowly and bye this time you’ll start getting horny and just go faster and faster.
    It’s super easy and amazing very enjoyable, I like it I’m pretty sure you will to! And after your done your clothes will be throbing it feels good lol this is just one of my things i use lol
    Hope it helps

  8. avatar April says:

    Hey Guys!
    Most girls at the age of 13 to 14 aren’t able or allowed to buy dildos or sex toys. Imagine your parents figuring out you got sex toys sent to your house! YIKES! To be honest… I like using the round ends of massagers to replicate someone licking my vaginal area. In the end, it leaves you with an AMAZING orgasm! Try it out yourself! Enjoy!
    - April M.

  9. avatar Lilian says:

    I personally use an electric toothbrush! Nobody uses it and its great! Just don’t put the Brussels on your clit because it kinda hurts me. I also use the water is my shower…..it isn’t removable but if you aim it and lay on your back with your legs spread it works great!

  10. avatar lilli thatcher says:

    I am only fourteen, but my mum gets me anything i want. So i asked her to buy me a vibrating dildo. Its so good. I open up my flaps and stick it in at an angle, so a bit is against my clit. Gives me massive orgasm, and makes me squirt. I always show my boyfriend before we have sex, it gets him mega horny, and his penis get stiff and wet. Usually we have sex after. I feel wet thinking bout it.

  11. avatar Jocelyn says:

    Is it bad that I watch porn in order to get turned on when I masturbate?

  12. avatar Katie_h says:

    The best thing I’ve tried is my detachable shower head!ITS THE PERFECT SIZE!! What I do is I get it to a temperature that not to hot or to cold and quite powerful and I either open my and spray it on and the power makes you so wet or I is down in my knees spread my legs slide it under and sit on it and rub it about it feels so good and I do it everytime I have a shower or a bath!!!

    Another one is the old electric tooth brush no one uses and when I’m home alone I turn it on and press it as hard as I can against my clit and it and it makes me squirt everywhere!

    But the other weekend I had to sort out the washing when I was home alone for the hole say and I put some clothes in my mums draw and it found like 4 different vibrates and sex toys and I sometimes use them but wash them a lot before and after!they are so good

  13. avatar sarah_tilly says:

    What loob would u use to masturbate

  14. avatar nuna says:

    One you can’t get pregnant while masturbating, you need a guy for that . Plus try a marker, just do it with the cap up.

  15. avatar Paigygirl says:

    water faucet!!! Have a bath and slide your body down directly under the highest water pre sure your vagina can take. Wrap your legs around the faucet or against the wall or somewhere comfy. If you like your clitoris to be stimulated hold your lips open with one hand ENJOY!!! :)

  16. avatar pinkheart says:

    Hairbrush handles
    Big sharpies
    Vibrating toothbrush

  17. avatar teen gal says:

    so i am a little overweight and when i masturbate it takes more pressure and sometimes it hurts is there any other way i could (any better way) masturbate

  18. avatar Angeles says:

    hey i wanted to know how to get my crush to like me? i love him so much for his looks and how easy he is to talk to but he likes my BFF her name is Ashlyn and iam kinda mad at that! but anyway i want him to have intrest in me but it seems like he doesnt pls help!!!!

    • avatar miss.understood says:

      If your friendship is real it will survive from your boy troubles. Dont let go of a friend because of a boy. If h doesn’t like you then oh well. It wasn’t meant to be.

  19. avatar littleknowitall says:

    I’ve heard that dildo’s can cause people cancer…. SO i think it will be better to use glass made and metal made ones….. please read this article ” http://grist.org/article/gertz1/

    I also found a candy made dildo in papabubble(Spanish sweet store) lol…..

    After reading this I’m very sure a guy’s masturbation life is less fun than a girl’s….

  20. avatar A gurl says:

    How would u get a baby in ur stomach w a dildo if u have too have sperm dud ???/

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