10 Life and Love Lessons From DJ Tanner of Full House

Yesterday, April 6, was Candace Cameron’s birthday. If that name doesn’t sound familiar, maybe this one will: DJ Tanner. Um, yeah, I’m talking about DJ Tanner from one of the best ’90s shows ever, Full House. Candace might not technically actually be DJ, but in my mind she sort of is.

DJ Tanner has always been one of my favorite characters. She was a good person, but she wasn’t such a goody two-shoes that you wanted to hate her – she made her mistakes and got into trouble, but in the end, she usually did the right thing. She was sassy, but still seemed like a genuinely nice person. She was just really relatable, and I always wanted someone like her as my older sister.

So, to celebrate Candace’s belated birthday, here are 10 life and love lessons from DJ Tanner of Full House. You’ll learn a lot, I promise.


How to dance the right way:

dj tanner gif


How to have a really good comeback for your parents when they tell you you’re doing your homework at the last minute:

dj tanner gif



That you should always pick your real friends over fake ones. 





Mascara is very, very important.



Orange lipstick usually doesn’t work. 




Have fun with your siblings! That’s the whole point of them, right?



Sometimes, you have to make really tough decisions between yourself and a relationship.




When it comes to makeup, less is more.



Listen to your gut. It’s usually right.



We all feel this way sometimes. It’s cool.



Did you watch Full House? Were you a fan of DJ Tanner? Who was your favorite character? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Jade

    I watched and STILL watch full house everyday 😀 One of the best shows!