10 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From Grumpy Cat

I wasn’t able to appropriately express my feelings toward certain things until Grumpy Cat came along. That little frowning nugget of non-joy accurately displays negative emotion like nothing else. Well, guess what? Today is Grumpy Cat’s birthday!

She (yes, she) turns two today so I thought it would be fun (er…miserable?) to celebrate. Grumpy Cat is basically me when I wake up every morning, how I feel when I don’t have coffee and the way I look when someone irritates me. We are all Grumpy Cat when we’re upset. Really though, Grumpy Cat can teach us a lot about life. Check out these life lessons from your favorite internet cat:

1. Say “nope” instead of “no.”

“Nope” doesn’t sound as harsh as a flat out “no” so the other person is less likely to get offended!

2. Tell people to knock it off if they’re annoying you.

You’ve got to speak up sometimes, you know?

3. Mornings are hard.

Mornings will never not be hard. It’s going to be okay.

4. When someone tells you to smile, say you already are.

It’s really annoying when people on the street are all “You’d be prettier if you smiled!” and you just really want them to back up off your day.

5. Know when it’s time to go home or go to bed.

Whether you’re out with friends or just at home watching TV, know when to turn in. You know yourself better than anyone!

6. If you celebrate too much, things don’t seem as important.

Celebrate big holidays, birthdays and grand achievements. Don’t celebrate just to have a reason to celebrate otherwise the important stuff won’t seem as important.

7. Be aware of strange noises.

If you hear a strange noise in your house, be alert. You don’t know what it could be!

8. Sometimes you have to do things that you’re not happy about.

Like going to your ex’s birthday party or visiting your half cousin when you really wanted to hang out with your friends. We all have crappy obligations that we have to get through.

9. Give good side-eye.

Everyone needs some strong side-eye game. It’s a great alternative to an eye roll and is way more subtle.

10. There’s nothing wrong with staying inside.

Nature is great, but you know what else is great? Couches and the internet.
What is your favorite lesson? What other lessons have you learned from Grumpy Cat? Tell us in the comments!

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  • emilylee

    it’s not a BIG deal but many things are true like, yep, going outside is horrible

  • Morgana5953

    Why is Grumpy Cat such a big deal?