18 Horrifying and Awkward Social Moments We All Really Hate

I’m a very awkward person. For a long time, I tried to hide it, and act like I was actually totally cool, calm, and collected (I don’t know who I thought I was fooling). Eventually, I decided to embrace my awkwardness for what it was. I will just never be one of those people who are effortlessly outgoing and friendly, and it’s fine with me.

But while I am be okay with being awkward, I am definitely not okay with some of the horrifying social situations that personality trait puts me in. Need examples? This Reddit thread on the worst social interactions we all dread. Just thinking about this stuff makes me cringe… and unfortunately, I’ve experienced pretty much all of it. You don’t even have to be awkward to hate some of this stuff. Here are 10 of the most horrifying and awkward social moments we all really hate:


1. When you can’t hear someone… 


Stoltz3 said: When you can’t hear someone and have already asked “What?” two times and still don’t hear them the third time so you just hope a laugh and a nod will answer whatever they said/asked.


2. When you’re alone with someone you don’t know


KittyKat1986 said: When you’re awkwardly left alone with someone you don’t really know and are forced to make small talk.


3. Bumping into someone over and over again


PlayaFoSho said: Seeing someone you know in a supermarket, saying hello then awkwardly seeing them again 5 minutes later down the next aisle.
And the next aisle… and the next…


4. Small talk with a professional


HickoryDickoryDank said: Haircuts. I just don’t know what to say…


5. The “Happy Birthday” song


squashedfrog462 said: When people sing Happy Birthday to you….what do you do? You can’t sing along….everyone’s looking at you, singing, and you just sort of sit there with a silly grin on your face. I always feel so awkward.


6. Making small talk with someone you don’t know that well


lil-praying-mantis said: “Hi! How are you?” “Hi! Good! How are you?” “Doing good, doing good.” When someone asks me that I kinda speak awkwardly because in all honesty I don’t care and neither do you. We both known we’re going to say the same thing.


7. Saying goodbye to someone


davidkones said: I’m cool with conversation up until they have to leave. Do I just say good bye? Are they comfortable enough that I should hug them? Will they freak out if I attempt to make contact with them? I usually just end up shuffling away awkwardly say, “Okay, well… uh… see ya.”


8. Going to the dentist


trippler91 said: I don’t know how he expects me to tell him about my summer when his hands are in my mouth.


9. Public speaking


mrkracklenutz said: My face involuntarily gets beet red, and then I can feel it getting red, which makes me nervous, and then i start sweating, and then I want to run away.


10. Not having anything to say when you’re with other people


-eDgAR- said: When I’m out with a friend and they run into someone they know, but I don’t know and I have to stand there for a few minutes as they catch up.


11. Having to reject someone


Thrackerz0d said: Some person you dont like in that way asking you out.


12. Being forced to hang out with people you don’t really like


EpicRiceKakes said: Having to go with your parents that want to see their adult friends, but they have kids so they bring you along so you can hangout together; then it turns out you have nothing in common but your parents keep making you come back.


13. Confrontation with a friend


Afrotators said: I always dread having to confront someone when I’m unhappy with them. I was raised to never talk back so the action of confrontation makes me sweat with worry about how they’ll react to me and I end up over thinking myself out of the encounter.


14. Passing random people in a hallway

awkward-gif (1)

intensetoucan said: Do I say hi? Do I not say hi? Do I look away? Do I smile?


15. Running into someone and not knowing if they’ll remember you or not


squashedfrog462 said: Do you say hello and risk them being like “Who the hell was that weirdo?” Or do you say nothing and let them think you’re a snob?


16. Getting onto a crowded elevator


NewYorkKnicksTho said: When the elevator arrives at your floor and its full of people. I feel like they are secretly judging me when I enter.


17. Discussing a breakup with certain people


zhaobai said: Talking to mutual friends about a breakup.


18. Forcing yourself to maintain eye contact when speaking to someone


slinco said: I have this mental thing where i’m convinced everyone is judging my face I guess. It’s not that i’m awkward, I just have to literally force myself to not look away.

Which of these social situations do you think is the most awkward? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • randomgirl

    exactly @ #1 and #5

  • penny j.

    My mom just has this totally awkward habit of telling me that we’re going to leave, so I say goodbye to everyone but then stays for like, another twenty minutes, and I have to say bye AGAIN. I feel so weird.

  • Jane

    Also, when you ex’s best friend is friends with ALL of your friends so you keep seeing him and eating lunch at the same table and he makes you think of your ex, and he’s actually nice to you!