The 10 Worst TV Show Girlfriends Of All Time

TV shows mimic reality (sort of), so it makes sense that in most shows, someone would make a terrible girlfriend. There are also a lot of fictional dudes who make bad fictional boyfriends, but that’s another story.

So, what makes someone a terrible girlfriend? Um, any of the qualities shown in the ladies mentioned below. Yes, relationships are tough, but if you’re too jealous, angry, mean, or manipulative, you’re making it on this list. Here are 10 of the worst TV show girlfriends of all time… just try to be the opposite of them, okay?

Which of these girlfriends do you think is the worst? Which do you disagree about? Who did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


15 of the worst movie girlfriends ever

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  • Jay

    Seriously… Lane shouldn’t be on this list. -_- She kept her boyfriends a secret, yea okay, but not for the worst reasons (which would be something like because she was ashamed or embarrassed of them) but because she had a terribly overprotective and controlling mother. Had she not kept them a secret, there wouldn’t be a “them”. She’d have been shipped off or under a serious lock-down from the first mention of a boyfriend… which we know to be common in the Lane household.