10 Things You Lie To Your Parents About When You Have A Boyfriend

I don’t condone lying, but we all do it. I would never lie to my mom now because I tell her everything. In high school though, I definitely told some lies to my parents. (Parents lie to us too, by the way.) I especially lied when it came to my boyfriend. I was always “staying at a friend’s” or “studying” when I was actually with my BF. Oops.

I mean, there are just some things you don’t want to talk to your parents about. Your boyfriend is probably one of them. You definitely lie about things if you’re not really allowed to date. When you have a boyfriend, I bet you tell these 10 lies to your parents:

1. Oh, you don’t know him.

You definitely don’t. Nope, you’ve never heard of him. He’s new, actually. He just transferred yesterday.

2. He’s not my boyfriend.

LOL I know I can’t date. He’s my lab partner, duh.

3. We were just studying.

Not doing anything at all, I promise!

4. We were just watching a movie!

I know we’re in the basement, Mom. We’re watching a movie, chill.

5. He wasn’t in my room.

I can’t have boys up here. Why would I betray your trust like that?!

6. I’m staying at a friend’s house.

Yup, staying at so-and-so’s.

7. His parents will be home.

Yes they will be there! We’re just studying, remember?

8. He gets good grades.

He does! Why do you think we study so much? Jeez.

9. We just lost track of time!

Uhhhh I forgot to change my watch on Daylight Savings?

10. We’re not having sex!

Have you ever told these lies to your parents? What others would you add?Tell us in the comments!

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