15 Daily Struggles Only Girls With Curly Hair Will Understand

Having long hair is really difficult, but if you have curly hair it’s even worse. Curly hair can be unruly at every length, and it’s a pain in the butt to tame. Even if you have foolproof methods of making your curls look great, you’re still going to have days when it just doesn’t listen. Curls really have a mind of their own.

When I was younger I straightened my hair all the time because it was easier than dealing with the daily struggles of having curls. But I realized that curly hair suits me much better and learned to love them. I still straighten my hair sometimes, and I style it in various ways. For the most part I like to keep it naturally curly, even if it doesn’t always agree with me. If you have curly hair, you definitely know these daily struggles:

1. Bed head.

Oh good morning, curl monster. How are you today?

2. Having to check the humidity level before going outside.

Alright so I’ll be putting my hair up by 2:00 pm. Cool.

3. Trying to decide if you should wash your hair today or not.

I don’t have to wash it, but it might be super flat tomorrow if I don’t.

4. Realizing you didn’t use enough conditioner.


5. Trying to decide if you should straighten your hair or not.

Maybe if I had an extra hour in my day, but I don’t.

6. Trying to decide which combination of products to use.

What concoction of hair products shall I work with today? Do I want to go more beachy or curly-Q?

7. Being late because you had to wait for your hair to air dry.

And of course, you probably put it up anyway because it get so poofy.

8. Or going places with wet hair.

People always think you’re lazy or you were running late.

9. Endless shedding.

When your friends find curly hair strands everywhere, you can’t even pretend that it’s not yours.

10. Figuring out how to use your diffuser.

LOL I have no idea what I’m doing.

11. People treat you like a circus animal.

“Can I touch your hair?” Can I punch you in the throat?

12. Sleeping.

You’ve got to wrap it, braid it, twist it, put it in a bun. Do whatever you can to save yourself.

13. Frizz.

The worst.

14. Finding things in your hair.

I found three bobby pins in my hair from the weekend.

15. Dealing with being ***Flawless.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.
Do you have curly hair? Do you deal with these struggles? What else do you want to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Таня

    Wore my hair curly to work, reactions : Oh, you have an interesting style today! Something between poodle and a piramide^^

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  • Kacy

    The worst is when you make the awful decision to cut your curly hair in a bob. Or am I the only one who make that mistake?

  • inal

    static electricity, cant kiss my cat on the nose.

    • Aria

      right 🙂