8 TV Shows That Had The Worst Endings EVER (Spoilers, DUH)

For those of you who haven’t seen the How I Met Your Mother series finale from last night, stop reading because I’m about to talk about a whole bunch of spoilery spoilers.

I’ve been watching this show for years, waiting patiently to find out who The Mother is. I fell in love with Barney and Robin as a character and rooted for them to work because I believed that Barney was a good person deep down inside. I rooted for Ted to find the love of his life who was not Robin because I think he was just so desperate to love someone. I wanted to get to know The Mother after hearing about her for so long. And I wanted to know where that pineapple came from.

But NO. HIMYM just ruined everything. Two commercial breaks into the finale, Barney and Robin are divorced after we spent this entire season obsessing over their wedding. This whole season has been AT their wedding. Even though everyone on the show said this wasn’t happening, they killed The Mother. Oh and then the kids are all “Mom’s been gone for six years, go get Aunt Robin.” And Ted brings Robin the blue French horn to her old apartment where she’s living with presumably those dogs that Ted made her give away back in like season 2.

I’m not just upset, you guys. I feel BETRAYED. I’ve seen a lot of bad finales, but this was the worst one. It wasn’t even done well. I didn’t like the finale of Friends either, but it was done well. To wallow in my sadness, let’s talk about some of the worst finales of all time (all filled with spoilers so don’t say I didn’t warn you):

Did you like any of these finales? What other finales would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

These things were great until technology ruined them

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  • airenlove

    omg i freaking hated how how i met your mother ended !
    i seriously want to smack the writers

  • jaz

    secret life of the american teenager needs to be on this list.

  • Kayla

    The last episode of Tom and jerry got me sooooo mad. It ended with them committing suicide on train tracks and then they ended the show.

  • li

    the dexter finale is SO horrible, I loved the show till tha season

  • mrs.herondale

    i hated the series finale of the secret life of the american teenager because Ricky and Amy break when they were gonna get married

  • Stephanie

    I HATED the ending of GCB. Amanda had broken up with Luke, who were like a PERF couple, then she goes ahead and kisses her friend/confidante the PASTOR!!! They full on kissed in a bar and she was like “Oh my God!” Then it finished! I was so upset…

  • Na

    The writing on this articles embarrassing. Your review of Lost is atrocious. You are either daft or didn’t pay attention. It shouldn’t even be listed with the rest of garbage television you listed.

    The island wasn’t purgatory Jesus Christ. And jack was in the bamboo field THREE years after the plane crash when he died – not on the beach. Please for the love of god NO.

    Go to YouTube and search “lost explained in three minutes”. Maybe it will clear things up.


    • awesomeness

      you sound a little salty

    • Na Na Na

      Your whiny, fan-girl comment is more embarrassing.