Gurl Horoscopes April 2014


Spring has sprung and love is in the air, or at least finding a happy companion to spend some enjoyable sunshiny memories. Remember to remember who you are as an individual. It’s not healthy to always just go along for the sake of peace. Figure out what you enjoy to attract perfect people for you. Life can seem out of balance which upsets your sense of justice. Take time to seek stillness, yoga or swimming. Dancing especially is very soothing to your energy helping you feel content and certain of things. Focus on what you want to see grow in your life. Spring is magic.

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  • -Hazel-

    Hmm… I don’t like gardening, but I’m sure my imagination is up to something…

  • thatgirlthough

    this is soo me! I read it and was like,” hmmm who does this remind me of????” and my self came to mind! lol