Gurl Horoscopes April 2014


Leo darling, the sun is returning, how fortunate. Now you can get out there and really shine too. Your energy returns with the sun. All kinds of wonderful unexpected things can occur this month. Put your regal self in the spotlight if you get a chance. Let your inner child out to play. Do you remember what the younger you liked to do for fun? Dust off those dreams, little you wants to laugh and sing and dance and play. Or paint and draw and make sculptures out of clay. Express yourself. It is what you are here to do so be joyfully you!

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  • -Hazel-

    Hmm… I don’t like gardening, but I’m sure my imagination is up to something…

  • thatgirlthough

    this is soo me! I read it and was like,” hmmm who does this remind me of????” and my self came to mind! lol