Gurl Horoscopes April 2014


Spring is good for you. Take a breath of fresh air and focus on the little things that make life nice, like daffodils and extra energy to be productive. Oh, how you love productivity. Choose clearly what you want to see happen in the next six months. Things that you start in the spring have a lot of power behind them. If you invest wisely in life you will see great rewards. You have what it takes to go all the way to the top of whatever mountain you want to climb. Believe in yourself, and all good things will come to you.

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  • -Hazel-

    Hmm… I don’t like gardening, but I’m sure my imagination is up to something…

  • thatgirlthough

    this is soo me! I read it and was like,” hmmm who does this remind me of????” and my self came to mind! lol