10 Easy DIY Bags, Totes And Clutches That Will Carry All Your Junk

I’m a total bag lady. I don’t go anywhere without carrying a bag, and I always have essential items on me at all times. You never know what will happen so it’s best to be prepared. I’ve always got band-aids, bobby pins, Advil, candy, you name it.

Bags are also a great accessory and can make a real statement. I’ve got a pretty decent collection of bags, but it’s hard for me to find one that I love. I’m in search of a new bag so I took to the internet (of course) to seek one out. Then I thought, why not make one?

1. How cute is this Kate Spade-inspired clutch? You can put any phrase you want on it!

2. Transparent accessories are really in right now, and this is really cool.

3. Make your own printed tote to use at school.

4. This is called The Awesome Bag, and it is awesome. And easy!

5. Haul around all your stuff with this chic leather lunch bag.

6. This cinch bag really is a cinch to make.

7. This boxy bag is made out of a lunch box and is super chic.

8. This tote bag requires absolutely zero sewing! Sew (ha) easy!

9. Or make a tote bag out of fabric napkins, which is a lot cooler than you think.

10. This satchel bag is the cutest thing, and it’s super practical.

Are you going to make any of these bags? What other cool bag DIYs have you seen? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Anna Kim

    I like 5 and 7. I’m an Accessories design student living in NYC. District leathers has amazing leather selections and their service is great. Check them out if you need leather. https://www.districtleathers.com/

  • vibhi204

    I liked 4th one and 8th one very simple sober at same time looking trendy and the last one reminds me of old school bags.

  • RobbStark

    I liked the 9th one…i have seen Louis vuuitton bag also…like dose very much