10 Reasons Growing Your Bangs Out Is The Worst

Remember when I got bangs? Yeah, it was a terrible idea. Don’t get me wrong, they looked super cute! But they were such a pain to deal with so I pretty much instantly regretted them. I’ve been growing them out since then, except they don’t seem like they’re growing at all.

Growing out your bangs is one of the most annoying beauty practices, and you go back and blame yourself for cutting them in the first place. You twist, braid, pouf and do everything imaginable to get those suckers out of your face. I feel your pain.

1. You have serious non-bang envy.


2. And bang envy because your bangs do not look like Zooey Deschanel.

They never will.

3. You have to have bobby pins on you at all times.

Would you leave your house without pants? I didn’t think so.

4. They become enemy to your eyeballs.

You’re excited that your bangs are growing, but you could do without a million spears in your retinas.

5. And stick up in all different directions.

They’re defiant little suckers.

6. You run out of ways to hide them.

I would fishtail braid my bangs, Pinterest, but they aren’t long enough yet!

7. They get split ends, but you can’t trim them!

Don’t put scissors anywhere near your head. Leave your bangs alone!

8. You can’t wear headbands without feeling like a kid.

How do people pull this off?!

9. You have to suffer through the awkward at-your-nose length.

You haven’t lived until your hair has tickled your nose. You should try it.

10. When all else fails just throw on a hat and call it a day.

Whatever. I’m over this.
Are you growing out your bangs? Have you ever? What are some other annoying things about growing your bangs? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Elmo:)


  • Elmo:)

    Omg I Have Bangs And They Can B Solo Annoying Sometimes 😀 Lol