12 Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Wants, According To Real Guys

Almost every day, I get questions from you guys asking what kind of gift you should buy your boyfriend, whether it’s for his birthday, a holiday, or an anniversary. I totally get it – picking out presents for boys is really, really hard. I’ve been with my BF for almost four years, and picking out a gift for him is still a huge struggle.

Giving advice on gifts is difficult, since I’m not a guy, and also because I don’t know your boyfriend personally. Getting advice from dudes is way more helpful. That’s why I was so excited to see this Ask Reddit thread, which asked the question, “What gifts for men are the equivalent of flowers for women?” I mean, I’m not THRILLED with the question, because I think flowers are overrated, but I get it and I still love it. Here are 12 gifts your boyfriend (probably) actually wants, according to real guys from Reddit. Keep this bookmarked for when you’ll need it, and you’re welcome.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? What do you usually buy a boyfriend? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Rose

    flowers are best gifts for anyone.
    I really like your gift ideas. thanks for sharing

  • Dom Smith

    This is one great list, I was running out of idea’s for gifts for my father and this is just perfect, thank you so much for sharing!! Useful post and great ideas to buy best gifts for men.

  • Chris

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    Awesome gifts sets filled with cool outdoor and leisure gear and best of all you can choose which gear items go in the gift sets!

  • violet7789

    I’ve given flowers before, lol, it doesn’t seem like most care, but some think the idea’s sweet. Usually after dating for a while i’ve collected so many ideas on things to get that i wanna spend way more than i should. like i knew he liked geeky things like me, saw a history of hyrule book (legend of zelda), and so wanted to get it. (i like weird books). i love hand made gifts too, like i’ll paint or draw something based on his interests, like the map from game of thrones or a 4 piece night scene painting. (just as cool is when i get hand made gifts back, like a bouquet of origami flowers).

  • Ashy

    What about music related things? I got my boyfriend a cd and concert ticket to Megafest and he absolutely loved it.

  • Audry

    gave him a simple thing like t shirt, hat, should be fine for them… http://badassplayer.com/how-to-be-a-player.html