20 Things You’ll Only Relate To If You’ve Been In A Relationship Forever

To put this lightly, there is a big difference between a new couple, and a couple who has been dating for a long time. When you’ve just started dating someone officially, everything is new, exciting, and mysterious. You guys are totally in love and obsessed with each other, and you’re also both really careful with each other, because you’re still focused on making a good impression.

That honeymoon stage is great and all, but so is the stage you get to when you’ve been in a relationship forever and you can both completely be yourselves. It’s pretty great. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost four years now (which is CRAZY), and our relationship now is about a million times different than it was in the beginning. Here are 20 things you’ll only relate to if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time: 


1. You can comfortably talk about the other people you think are attractive without either of you getting crazy jealous. 


Because you know it doesn’t really mean anything.


2. You can’t go out alone without everyone asking you where he/she is. 


You’re just like, “You know we are two different people, right?”


3. Remember when you both used to cuddle all night long while sleeping? Yeah, you don’t really do that anymore. 

sleeping gif

Now you’re just like, “This is MY side, move over.”


4. You’ve been in a few serious Netflix relationships together. 

watching tv gif

In other words, your hangouts have morphed into TV show binge watching.


5. You’ve both stopped being embarrassed about bodily functions.


You’ve probably even had the poop conversation already!


6. Everyone is always asking when you guys are getting married. 


It’s a little annoying, actually.


7. You now know that fighting doesn’t automatically mean you’re breaking up. 


And a lot of your fights are probably kind of dumb.


8. You can both be totally honest with each other without either of you getting offended. 

mean girls

For example, you can tell him/her when they need to go brush their teeth.


9. You know literally everything about his/her friends and he/she knows everything about yours.

500 days of summer

Oops. Sorry.


10. You can have a long conversation with his/her parents without having a panic attack. 


Sometimes you even hang with them when he’s not around.


11. He/she is friends with your siblings and their comfortable enough so that they can all make fun of you together. 




12. There is no concept of owing each other money. You’ve both paid for things, and neither of you are keeping track. 

giphy (1)

You’ll get dinner tonight… you know they’ll get it another night, no biggie.


13. Your family has accepted him/her, and now he/she is permanently invited to every family function.

giphy (2)

You just tell your S.O. about it without an invite and they already know they have to go.


14. When you hang out, you can both do your own thing and it’s totally fine. 


Meaning you can sit on Pinterest for an hour while he/she sits on Facebook and no one is insulted.


15. You can eat his/her food without asking and vice versa.

giphy (3)

Oh, you got French fries? Awesome, I’ll get the onion rings then.


16. You’re way past the point of being jealous about his/her boy’s/girl’s night out.


In fact, you both look forward to your friend time.


17. When out in public, you guys can communicate via looks if necessary. 

giphy (4)

Like if they get pissed off, you already know exactly why.


18. Remember that hobby of his/hers you used to hate? Yeah, now you know a lot about it and you can totally tolerate it.


You might even like it a little bit.


19. You guys laugh at the new couples who have to plaster their love all over social media.


Because you know you don’t need to say it on Facebook for it be to true.


20. That person is your best friend, and you are their best friend. 🙂 



Are you in a long-term relationship? What did I leave out? How long have you been dating your boo? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Mandi

    One year and two months here 🙂 I can relate to almost all of these XD

    21. You don’t hold hands constantly in public because instead of being two easily moving people you become one conjoined wall and it.gets.annoying.

    An addition to the social media posting one:
    You see your friends post statuses like “OMG 6 weeks with my boo <3" or "Can't wait to go to the movies with my love!! I love him so so so much and we'll be together forever! I love you baby" and you're like "Oh um.. it's been a year and.. some months.. but he farted and stuck me under the sheets with it so I'm going to go kill him now."

  • Karen

    My bf and I have also been together almost four years and we still cuddle <3

  • Unknown

    I can relate to most of these but because my family doesn’t know I have a bf not all of them but yea we’ve been together for 1 year and 8 months its amazing