5 Of The Most Ridiculously Offensive Reactions To Leggings

Why do people think leggings are so offensive? | Source: Shutterstock

Why do people think leggings are so offensive? | Source: Shutterstock

Some people think that politics is the most divisive subject on the planet. I disagree: It’s leggings.

Seriously, people will lose their minds about leggings, especially if they’ve decided that they are single-handedly turning schools into dens of sin. Confused? Well, leggings are in the news again. More schools are starting to ban this oh so scandalous piece of clothing.

“In the Evanston, Ill., Haven Middle School this month, girls were reportedly told they were not permitted to wear shorts, leggings or even yoga pants because, the principal allegedly claimed, they were “too distracting” for the boys… a Petaluma, Calif., junior high attempted a similar ban on the same grounds, claiming initially that yoga pants and tight jeans would be prohibited.”

I’m so sick and tired of these ridiculous school dress codes! It’s like we’re undergoing some mass hysteria with no end in sight and about ninety percent of it is steeped in sexist nonsense.

Are you with me? Then you’ve probably heard these five offensive reactions towards leggings:

1) Boys will have too many inappropriate reactions

Look, some guy staring at your butt because you’re wearing leggings isn’t your problem. Period. You’re never responsible for the sexual harassment you receive. I hate when women are supposed to be responsible for men’s actions, especially when we’re just minding our own business, living our lives.  Maybe the fact that we act as if men can’t control themselves contributes to them making the same excuses for other things, like sexual assault. “Oh, she was wearing such tight pants that I couldn’t control myself.” Um, I call BS!

2) They’re slutty

I hate the word slut and all of its variations, especially when it is applied to an opaque set of fabric that covers your body from waist to ankle. Do people go around calling ballerinas big ol’ sluts when they’re prancing around in their leotards? No. So why are people flipping out over something as innocent as leggings?

This girl might love America but wearing something so revealing is single-handedly destroying our nation's children...according to sexist school dress codes. | Source: Shutterstock

This girl might love America but wearing something so revealing is single-handedly destroying our nation’s children…according to sexist school dress codes. | Source: Shutterstock

3) They’re Too Distracting

I don’t believe in applying dress codes on the basis of something being distracting. Just because I think my classmate’s shirt is hideous and is, therefore, distracting me, that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be allowed to wear it. Where do we draw the line? I’m all about schools having a zero-tolerance policy for clothing that promotes offensive beliefs, but this is ridiculous.

4) They’re too revealing

Not unless they’re see through. But I think people also have a problem with the fact that they leave very little about a woman’s frame to the imagination. So here’s what we need to do: Accept the fact that butts exist. Then, maybe we won’t have such a hard time accepting clothing that dares to reveal their shape. Accept the butt, folks. Accept it, because it sure as hell isn’t going anywhere.

5) They’re only appropriate if you wear them like [insert personal style preference here]

Can we stop acting as if there is only one appropriate way to wear leggings? I swear, not a single conversation about leggings can happen without someone saying, “Well, I guess it’s okay if you’re wearing a dress or a super long shirt.” What they really mean is, “I guess it’s okay as long as I don’t know you’re wearing leggings.” If someone wants to wear leggings as a layering piece under a dress, so be it. If someone wants to wear a pair of leggings with a crop top, so be it. It’s really not the end of the world.

Our society needs to stop twisting everything women do into some Batsignal for men to lose their self-control.  Wearing leggings isn’t an invitation for everyone to look at our butts and it isn’t a plot to seduce every man within a four mile radius either. So let’s come to an agreement: The only person responsible for getting distracted by the outline of a butt to the point of being unable to pay attention in class is the person who is so distracted by the outline of a butt that they can’t pay attention in class.

We need to stop putting the burden on women for daring to have bodies.

Do you think that it’s fair for schools to ban leggings? Are schools simply acting practical or acting sexist? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Fake-World-Enemy

    HOW CAN YOU MAKE the difference between prostitute and ordinary woman. Sometimes it’s not so easy when you compare.

  • Fake-World-Enemy

    HAA HA some of them, and specialy the responsible for this article who
    speak so wrong, a thing and this opposite !!! SO EASY TO DEMONSTRATE !!!

    So is it ok or allowed to be naked in the street no matters the gender, legaly
    or just by commonsense ? ANSWER IS NO! So why it could be possible to wear this
    not sexy, but SEXUAL leggings where you have the impression the girl or woman
    is totally naked ? I am too far, well when you wear so tight then you see the
    tissue going in the vagina, all the booty, so tight than you see
    the color, the brand, the type of the tanga….yeah it’s worse than naked. Be
    real, be honest. Women don’t want to be considerate as a sexual object but you
    do your best for doing the contrary. And I don’t speak about this obsession to
    show the body as much as they can : bra extra push up, string in the ass, make
    up in outrageousness style, short too short, gym and fitness for muscle you know
    what !!! Welcome to schizophrenic behavior state of mind !

    Do you know the meaning of indecent and obscene ladies ??? Manipulated by
    the television and MTV video clip, I think, I think..not sure, just
    watching my world…
    cheers to people supporting coherent talking

  • Tom

    Leggings shouldn’t just be banned in schools…..they should be banned period. They’re ugly, trashy and downright disgusting when worn as pants which seems to be the only way girls wear the damned things these days. Since they can’t be worn right, they should be gone. I’m sorry, but the world shouldn’t have to be assaulted with camel toes and jiggly leggings ass.