#RapeCultureIsWhen: 20 Tweets That Describe What Rape Culture Really Is

It’s 2014, but unfortunately, rape culture is still something we have to deal with. What is rape culture? To put it simply, it’s basically attitudes or practices that (consciously or not) try to normalize, excuse, trivialize, and/or ignore the seriousness of rape. For example, it’s like when a girl gets raped, and people focus on what she was wearing – as if it were her fault, and if she were wearing something different, she wouldn’t have been raped. Another example is the Steubenville case, where what seemed like an entire town went against a girl who claimed she was raped because her attackers were prominent football players.

Whether you want to believe it or not, rape culture is a very real thing that exists. A lot of people still don’t exactly understand what it is though, so luckily, Twitter is here to help us out. #RapeCultureIsWhen has been trending on Twitter, which is surprising, since a lot of trending hashtags are silly. However, this one proves to be serious and educational, and is a reminder to us all that rape culture is indeed something we need to worry about. Here are 20 tweets from #RapeCultureIsWhen that we all need to read:

If you say you’re tired of hearing about it – you’re the problem.



It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.


Blaming rape on hormones is never acceptable.


Sexual violence should NEVER be considered inevitable, no matter what the circumstances are.


Saying the girl was drunk doesn’t excuse your horrible actions.


It’s a bad sign when that was our song of last summer.


Exactly. Why do girls need to be taught to do things differently? Why can’t men be taught not to rape?


Example: how leggings are being banned in schools all over the country. Again, why are girls taught to do things differently but boys are not?


Casually using the word “rape” may seem harmless, but it’s not. It trivializes something extremely serious.


How many of you have heard priest/rape jokes? It’s not a joke. At all.


It doesn’t matter what her history is – she shouldn’t have been raped.


WHY is it so accepted? Oh, because rape culture.


If you feel uncomfortable, you’re not overreacting.


That sad and disturbing case is a prime example of rape culture, which is exactly why it was given so much attention.


That’s just sad.


We’re not.


I am continuously disgusted by some of the reactions to rape victims.


Disgusting. No other words.


It’s sad that there are people in this world who find that funny.


What are your thoughts on rape culture? Which of these tweets do you think is the best? Tell me in the comments.


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  • hilogen

    When I was younger, I was physically abused by a boy in my school for about two years – every few days he would chase me down, push me to the ground and beat me up – when I tried to get help from the teachers, they said, “Boys will be boys… his mother’s ill… what do you expect? …He can’t help it.” I can’t help but notice the horrible parallels between what was said to me then, when he was so frequently leaving me bleeding on the ground, and what was said to me only a few months ago when he threatened to rape me. MY OWN MOTHER said, “Of course he didn’t MEAN it – he was only JOKING.” His exact words/actions? He pushed me into a hedge while I was walking home and hissed in my ear, “I’m going to rape you.” A) Rape isn’t funny, EVER. B) That’s not even ‘down to interpretation’ – he literally said “I’m going to rape you.”
    Let’s face it, if people can get away with beating someone up several times a week for several years, and then get away with threatening to rape someone, we shouldn’t need to POINT OUT that Rape Culture is a problem. It should be that obvious.

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  • blabbityblib

    http://www.upworthy.com/a-guy-talks-about-rape-from-a-mans-perspective-and-its-not-what-you-think-either Found this today – check it out, an amazing video on rape from a man’s point of view. Please, stay with it until the very end.