7 Of The Most Forced Love Triangles On TV

I’m going to be honest: Out of all of the love triangles in TV, movies and books, I probably only find about five percent of them interesting. The rest are usually totally garbage. This is especially true in television, where ratings are everything. In an effort to prevent going stale, show runners love to spice things up with unnecessary things like pointless love triangles. They’re not entertaining, they’re just irritating.

If you’re like me and you hate most love triangles in TV, see if some of these seven forced love triangles made you see red.


Manny/Craig/Ellie From Degrassi

Why only give Craig one love triangle to trudge through between Ashley and Manny? How about we give this ahole another one, between him, Manny, and Ashley's BFF? Yeah, great idea. Very cool idea. Not. Seriously, Craig was the worst and a serial cheater by this point anyway. He shouldn't have had a girlfriend at all. Source: Degrassi/Teen Nick

Rory/Amy/Eleven From Doctor Who

Yeah, Rory and Amy end up happy and married at the end, but the fact that Rory felt that there was this weird will they won't they between the Doctor and Amy felt a little silly. But it was more annoying that Rory still felt worried that Amy was going to go off with the Doctor even after he and Amy were married. Like, relax, bro. Source: Doctor Who/BBC

Ross/Rachel/Joey From Friends

Ross and Rachel's on again off again BS was bad enough. Why the hell did any of us deserve to suffer through Joey being thrown into the mix? Source: Friends/NBC

Sam/Mercedes/Shane From Glee

People were skeptical about Sam and Mercedes from the jump, which always bugged me a little, honestly. Very different people get together all the time. But I did understand the collective eye rolling that occurred when Sam made his triumphant return and Mercedes was torn between him and her new jock BF, Shane. Drama for the sake of drama, Glee's slogan. Source: Glee/Fox

Nick/Franky/Matty From Skins

Skins loves awful love triangles. Loves them. But nothing was more pointless and forced than Nick, Franky and Matty in season six of Skins. The kicker: Nick and Matty were brothers! The extra kicker: They were also into the same girl last season, too. I'm so...no. Source: Skins/E4

Spencer/Ashley/Aiden From South Of Nowhere

Okay, South Of Nowhere was revolutionary in its depiction of teen girls who were exploring their sexuality and firmly planting themselves under the queer umbrella. But, of course, that was the case when Spencer wasn't crushing on Aiden, Ashley's ex. And it also wasn't the case when Ashley still hooked up with Aiden when she and Spencer were going through rough patches. Damn, can we please get more shows where a straight dude doesn't get in the way of two queer girls? Source: South Of Nowhere/Teen Nick

Scott/Allison/Isaac From Teen Wolf

TV shows love using lusty, significant glances between characters for two seconds to establish a potential love plot...which is exactly what Teen Wolf did with Isaac and Allison after she and Scott called it quits. And by called it quits I mean Scott-still-had-feelings-for-her-OMG. Isn't this show about teen wolves? Not pointless teen love triangles? Source: Teen Wolf/MTV


Which of these love triangles did you actually love? Which ones did I miss? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Linds

    They forgot the love square between Dawson/Joey/Pacey/Jen

  • Jaz

    You forgot Jack/Kate/Sawyer from Lost ♥

  • Nyx

    Love triangles are stupid 99% of the time and I agree with most of these, but Rory/Amy/Eleven wasn’t really a love triangle… like at all. She was interested in the Doctor for like five seconds and that was only because she was nervous about being married and it was more about the adventure he could provide (vs being settled) than anything romantic. And the Doctor was never interested in Amy that way. He kind of always saw her as that little girl he left waiting in the yard, like a little sister. Rory was insecure about it because The Doctor was all Amy talked about for as long as he can remember. The Doctor was like this larger than life hero and Rory was always just the awkward friend, until he wasn’t. At first Amy doesn’t want to be tied down, but it isn’t because she wants the Doctor instead. Once she realizes she loves him, Amy makes it clear many times that Rory is her guy, even a couple of times when Rory thinks she’s talking about how the Doctor is the best thing to ever happen to her she’s actually talking about him and she thinks its silly that he ever thought otherwise. So… yeah. I have a lot of feelings about this oops.

  • Cat

    Matty/Jenna/Jake from Awkward!
    How could you miss that?!

    • Sam


  • Lissa

    I think this is the third time I mention them here on Gurl…but I can’t think about love triangles without Lucas Scott and BFFs Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis.

    I also hated Zoey-Kyle-Madison from Coven. Zoey and Kyle’s relationship was already bad enough: she fell in love after talking to him for like 3 minutes and then basically turned him into a barely-babbling zombie.
    There was no need to add any more drama.

  • Jessica

    OMG, yes! I did NOT appreciate the love triangle between Allison, Isaac, and Scott at all. Isaac was physically abused and Allison attacked him more than once. Plus, I did not like what the show did to Allison.