16 Reasons Your Best Friend Is Better Than A Boyfriend

There are a lot of great things about being in a relationship. But as someone who’s been in one for a few years now, I can tell you that there are also a lot of not-so-great things about having a boyfriend. In fact, sometimes, your best friends are totally better than your BF.

Cameron Diaz seems to agree. In a recent interview with OK! magazine, she talked about cheating, and said, “Everybody has been cheated on, everyone will be cheated on. I can’t fix that, I don’t know how.” Later, she added, “I exist for all my girlfriends. I am very, very fortunate. My friends are incredible and I am very lucky to have a lot of really solid, good friends – girlfriends and male friends – who I can just rely on.”

While I don’t exactly agree that everyone cheats (that’s a harsh statement), what I took away from this is that Cameron puts her best friends over relationships. Regardless of whether that’s what she meant or not, it made us all here at Gurl think about how your BFF can be better than a BF sometimes. Here are 10 reasons why your best friend is (sometimes) better than a boyfriend: 


1. You can’t squeal about how hot your fave male celebrity looks with your boyfriend.


I mean, I guess you could, but he won’t be that excited about it.


2. Your friends won’t cheat on you.


Your boyfriend? He might.


3. You can have sleepovers with your friends without your parents grounding you forever.

sleepover gifs

And everyone knows sleepovers are the best.


4. You guys can share clothes/shoes/accessories.

serena and blair

Doesn’t really work the same way with a dude.


5. You don’t need to primp in any way for your bestie.

best friends

Not that you need to for your BF, but some girls feel like they have to.


6. You guys can talk about literally anything without worrying about freaking each other out.

best friends one tree hill

While you should be totally open and honest with your boyfriend, you’ll still feel weird about talking about some stuff… like that hilarious hookup you had before you met him. Awkward.


7. You can cry to your best friend about your boyfriend. You can’t always cry to your boyfriend about, well, your boyfriend!

gossip girl

Definitely tell your BF when he’s making you sad. But don’t vent to him about stuff he does. That’s what friends are for.


8. Your bestie can totally relate to your period woes.


She won’t be sitting there like, “ew, blood.”


9. You can be completely silly with her without worrying about what she thinks of you.


You should be able to do this with your BF too, but it takes a while to get to that point.


10. You aren’t forced into any obligations with your best friend.


Meaning you don’t HAVE to go to family dinner or be an automatic plus one to parties.


11. You don’t have to spend as much money on a best friend.


Unless you guys want to, you don’t have to feel an obligation to spend money on Valentine’s Day, birthday or Christmas gifts. And if you do, it’s usually not as much.


12. You don’t have to stress about whether everyone else in your life approves of your best friend. 


Who cares?


13. You don’t feel an obligation to see or talk to your bestie every day.


You’re not going to feel totally bummed if she forgets to call you to say good night, you know?


14. There’s less stress, things are just easy.


Relationships can be hard sometimes. Friendships aren’t as complicated.


15. Your best friend will be totally honest with you about everything.

new girl

Your BF might not be, because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. But your bestie will be like, “Ew, get that off now.”


16. Your BFF will be there when he’s gone.


If you two break up… guess who you’ll be crying to?


Do you agree with these? Do you have a boyfriend? What other reasons did I forget? Why do you love your best friend? Tell me in the comments.


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  • The voice of Reason

    Grow up

  • shane

    so my bf got mad bc on snapchat, i added one of my friends and he didnt like him and i was like “so?” and he said “so i dont like him so i dont want you talking to him.” and at that point i was just like yeah thats so not gonna happen, so i ingnored his texts, and i was talking to my bff about it and it turns out he texted her complaining about how i never listen to what he says. how stupid was that? complaining about your girlfriend… to her best friend… what? like, um get your own best friend to complain to. should i confront him about this? or just leave it under the rug? help please!