The 12 Worst Things About Spring

Happy first day of spring! Yes, that’s today, March 20. I didn’t realize it either, because the weather has been so crappy. But even if it doesn’t feel like it, it is officially springtime… which means flowers, picnics, and sunshine. Except not sunshine because it will probably rain. And flowers also mean pollen, which means allergies, sooo…

I am not the biggest fan of spring, to be honest. I mean, it’s fine. It’s nice to see the flowers finally blooming after a winter of dead plants. It’s very pleasant to feel warm outside rather than freezing. But spring is also kind of boring, when you really think about it. And actually, there are a lot of things that kind of suck about it as well. So, to celebrate the first day of spring (I guess), here are the 12 worst things about it:


1. It’s cold in the morning, hot by the afternoon.

confused gif

WTF are you supposed to wear?



dumbo gif

Do I really need to explain this?


3. School is ending, which means finals. 


And studying. And stress.


4. Rain. Rain everywhere.

raining gif

You might as well get used to accessorizing with rain boots.


5. That one random snowstorm that always happens and crushes your dreams of summer.

phoebsstop the madness

You’ve been enjoying pleasant weather until – BAM – Mother Nature messes with you.


6. Your mom gets amped about spring cleaning.


…and you’re not. But you still have to clean out your room.


7. “Get your bikini body!” is the only headlines you’ll see anywhere.


This is the real way to get a bikini body.


8. The pressure to do something cool during Spring Break is real. 


But there’s actually nothing to do. OR your friends go somewhere and you can’t afford it and you just have to deal with hearing about it and feeling jealous.


9. Bugs emerge.


And it’s AWFUL.


10. Some days are randomly really hot, but your summer clothes are not ready.

sweating gif

Also, your air conditioner isn’t on yet, so you just have to be hot. The struggle is real.


11. The birds start chirping really loudly, and they wake you up every. single. morning.

gilmore girls gif

Really? REALLY?!


12. It’s not summer, but it’s SO CLOSE. 

summer gif

Torture 🙁


Which of these things is your least favorite thing about spring? How do you feel about spring? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


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