10 TV Show Character Deaths That Broke Our Hearts

WARNING: This post includes spoilers for Teen Wolf (and other older shows). 

Writing this post was super hard for me. Not only because it brought back sad TV show memories (I’m very sensitive), but also because I haven’t finished Breaking Bad yet (I’m SO close) and so I couldn’t look up anything for fear of spoilers. So, please don’t comment about it or I will cry.

TV show character deaths are, unfortunately, an important part of most dramas. Character deaths make us all feel lots of emotions, which makes us feel more connected to shows – also, they’re big shockers, meaning better ratings and more views. And sometimes, celebrities are killed off because in real life, they can’t be in the show anymore – or in the saddest cases, they really have died.

Inspired by the sad and shocking death on the most recent episode of Teen Wolf, here are 10 TV show character deaths that broke our hearts. Spoilers ahead – you’ve been warned.

Which of these character deaths do you think was the most sad? Which did you not care about? Tell me in the comments.


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  • A SPN Fan

    Bobby from Supernatural. oh and don’t forget Jo being awesome and sacrificing herself…

  • samantha_34

    Alaric from TVD?

  • Anne

    Vincent Nigel Murry’s death on bones was very sad. He was shot in the heart by a gone rouge sniper. The sniper was Booth’s previous mentor and was trying to kill Booth but hit Vincent first. Vincent literally died in Booth and Brennan’s arms begging to the universe to let him stay. Brennan had a mental breakdown in booths arms which was a very sad scene.

  • Geo

    You forgot one of the most shocking ones…Kate, on NCIS.

  • Cece

    So many years have passed since Buffy, but just thinking about the episode when Joyce dies breaks my heart a little. It was such a well done episode, with the actors at the top of their game, and some incredible writing. And it wasn’t the only shocking death that broke viewers hearts from this show. Just a season later Tara getting shot just as she and Willow reconcile was awful to watch. A fantasy/science fiction show where demons are killed every week…Where disposable human characters are killed by demons all the time..Yet the saddest deaths come from an illness with Joyce and, in the case of Tara, from a gunshot wound at the hands of a ordinary, pathetic, angry man.

  • Mat

    President laura roslin.battlestar Galactica. If you don’t cry with her end you have no heart

  • Pwee

    Jen’s death in Dawson was really horrible. Dr Greene’s from ER was sad too (and all those other doctors from ER who died as well: Lucy Knight, Romano, Pratt, Gallant… why so many???)

  • Madeleine

    Kyle from SMASH!!! So sad!!!

  • Kristen

    Almost every character death from Sons of Anarchy. Piney, Opie, and Tara were the most heart wrenching. Don’t forget the death of George on Grey’s Anatomy. Kate’s death on NCIS. There are to many to even think about.

  • Tianna

    Omg!! I remember watching the episode of Degrassi when J.T died, with my family and we were all like what the hell!! I was so unexpected. Then when Alaric died from Vampire Diaries I was soooo devastated like it was insane. That should be on the list!!

  • Tianna

    Omg!! I remember watching the episode of degrassi when J.T died, with my family and we were all like what the hell!! I was so unexpected.

  • Sarah

    Hershel from The Walking Dead! </3 so sad! I miss him!

    • Tammy

      Truly devastating

  • Kittykat

    What about Alaric, Jenna, Jeremy from TVD?

    • Erynn

      And Bonnie

  • Aimee

    Finn. Oh, my God, Finn. It still hurts a part of me to see his face. I loved Finn (and Cory) so, so much.

  • Rachel

    I have to add King Arthur (and EVERY ONE ELSE) from Merlin. (BBC show that also aired on SyFy)
    It’s been over a year and I’m still an emotional wreck about it.

    • Denise


    • Nandini

      YASSS OMG i legit cried when he died.

  • Morgan

    Oh, come on guys, LEXI off of Grey’s Anatomy! That’s the only TV death that has literally torn my heart out. lol.

  • Twentysomething

    The one that always wrecks me is Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) from ER. His death was slow and agonizing. It just broke your heart one episode at a time for a whole season. Ugh, I loved that character.