The 10 Best Movie Love Triangles Ever

A juicy love triangle is a total movie cliche – it sort of feels like there are more movies about love triangles than there are movies not about them. For some reason, we just all really love watching a tortured person try to decide between two other people (usually one of them is bad, and one of them is good, but the choice is still SO HARD, and they always make the wrong one before they figure out the right thing to do). It’s so predictable, yet so good.

I think that a love triangle can really make or break a movie. For example, I loved everything about Love Actually besides the love triangle story. I thought it was the absolute worst, and it makes me mad at the movie a little bit. But unlike Love Actually, there are movies that really need their love triangles to make the story work. I mean, can you imagine something like Titanic without the love triangle element?

Here are the 10 best movie love triangles ever. Now let’s all have a movie marathon together!

Which of these fictional love triangles is your favorite? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


The 12 best TV show love triangles ever

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  • Michel

    And what about Bella, Edward and Jacob? They’re one of the most famous love triangles!

  • clarysa pruszinski

    team peeta

  • Tiffany

    Jacob edward qmd bella

  • Liv

    CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!

  • Rebecca

    If you read the books, you’d know that The Hunger Games is a book about the fight for survival, not a stupid effing love triangle.

    • Whitney

      Yeah but it has a love triangle in it -.- these movies aren’t based on just love triangles -.- and actually the ony reason they survive is because Latinas and peeta pretend to be inlove so yeah actually it has to do a lot with love -,-

    • Miranda

      Thank you

  • AverageNerd143

    (I’m asking this again because I didn’t get an answer last time) I thought a love triangle was when person A likes person B, person B likes person C and person C likes person A?

    • Nina18

      Ahahah nope that’s not it, I thought so too :p but it’s person B and person C who like person A (yeah, A is the lucky one)

      • Sami

        I thought it was when person B and C likes person A and person A likes both B and C