5 Shops That Are Offering Free Prom Dresses Giveaways

For some of you who are in your junior or senior year of high school, prom is right around the corner. And if it isn’t, then trust me, it’ll come out of nowhere and you’ll be scrambling to find a prom dress at the very last minute. Then you’ll show up wearing the same dress as that girl who made fun of you in freshman year.

Okay, even if it isn’t that dramatic, it’s still nice to have the dress out of the way so you can plan other fun prom activities. But if you’re looking for a way to do that and also spend absolutely no money, check out these five giveaways from shops offering free prom dresses!


Okay, so this is probably the coolest contest of them all. You get to make a Pinterest mood board full of inspiration for your ideal prom dress. From fabrics to colors, you are totally in control of your ideal prom look. The winner will receive a custom made dress based on their Pinterest board. Deadline: March 17 ALYCE Paris USA Easy, right? And you get more than one shot to win, too! Deadline: March 28 Girls Gone Sporty/Sherri Hill


All you have to do is enter and win! Check out the rules here. These dresses are definitely classic over-the-top prom style so if that’s your speed, why not give it a shot?

Deadline: March 17

New York Dresses

Either enter for yourself or nominate a friend to win up to $500 towards a New York Dresses prom dress. Click here for official entry and rules.

Deadline: May 15

Hot Shots Prom Dresses


Some of these competitions might give you your prom dress after your prom. Who wants that? In this contest, you can indicate when your prom will be held so that you’ll have it in time. That is, if you win. Check out the rules and entry here.

Are there any other sites giving away free prom dresses? Do you know what kind of prom dress you want? If you’re past your prom years, do you regret what you wore? Tell us in the comments!


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