10 Effects Social Media Might Have On You That You Don’t Even Realize

Everyone in this world knows that over the last few years, social media has become huge. Going on the Internet and visiting social media sites go hand-in-hand. When these sites, like Facebook and Myspace, first became popular, the majority of the users were young people. Now, anyone and everyone can be found on Facebook. Even my 85-year-old grandparents have a Facebook page, which means that it’s official: social media has taken over the world.

So obviously researchers are constantly doing studies on the effects social media has on us. I’ll be honest with you guys – most of these things are negative. You rarely see a study that says that going on social media is good for you… yet we all still do it, and we probably will for a very, very long time (if we ever stop at all). But, it’s good to know what’s happening, right? Here are 10 effects social media might have on you:

Which of these studies surprised you the most? Which do you disagree with? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


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