10 Things You Need To Know Before Going Natural With Your Hair

I’m always getting questions about my afro textured hair; from what hair dye I use to what products I recommend. But there’s one question I get more than any other: Have I always been natural?

Well, here’s the thing: Natural is such a broad descriptor. Have I ever regularly used chemical straightener/relaxer in my hair? No. Did I straighten my hair on a regular basis in the past? Yes. Now, depending on who you ask, some might say I’ve always been natural and some might say that I’ve only been natural after I stopped straightening my hair. But there’s one thing that we can all agree on: Relaxing your hair is the antithesis of being natural. So when women who have had their hair relaxed for years go natural, that means they’ve stopped using chemicals to straighten their hair and have started embracing their natural curls.

So are you considering letting your hair do its thing and going natural? Here are 10 things you should absolutely consider before putting down the hot comb and throwing out that relaxer.

Are you considering going natural? Have you recently gone natural after using a relaxer? Have you stopped straightening your hair? Tell us in the comments!


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  • kellee

    if you relax your hair and the next day got it all cut off are you natural?

  • Zelli

    Hey everyone, mixed raced (black & white). I’ve had really bushy curls down to my waist. & I saw my half brother having straight hair & wanted that too. So I got my hair relaxed #bigmistake it didn’t turn out to be the texture I expected. So this year I finally decided to embrace my natural curls again after my hair broke & was very dry. My relaxed hair being bra strap length, I decided to grow my new growth down to my shoulder – which took like 3 months – then I got the relaxed ends cut. But now my hair seems to grow slowly. Should I keep on using my normal Amla Oil routine?

  • Allissa

    I think these tips are really useful for anyone thinking about going natural.

    I know it’s been really hard for me going natural because I can’t wait to have long hair, and I was slightly disappointed when I realized my hair was 4c and not 4a which I had adored from watching some natural hair videos on YouTube. I have thought about relaxing my hair again, but feel I would waste the 17 months it’s been since I last chemically straightened my hair. It doesn’t help that I currently don’t have the patience to plan out and do a hairstyle the night before, but feel that once I get used to my natural hair I’ll be able to figure out how to manage, and it helps that YouTube has a lot of helpful tips too. ^_^

  • Perdita

    Yessss! I love this article. I have had people say they felt sorry for me because I got my mom’s hair and not my dad’s (my mom is African American while my dad is white). At first I felt ashamed of my hair too, but since then I have learned to take care of it and love it. I have to say it’s all a learning process, not just to take care of it but to deal with people who aren’t use to it. Even my mom’s side will call my hair nappy and “Back to Africa” hair, but I think I look bam-slam-booty-fine with my kinky curly hair 🙂

  • Anna

    There needs to be an article that says how to style natural hair.

    • Jessica Booth

      We’ll be doing one next week!