12 Places To Buy A Show-Stopping Plus Size Prom Dress

As if the fashion world doesn’t already ignore plus size style enough, prom isn’t exactly the best time to see some awesome representin’ for anyone larger than a size 14 either. Whether you’re felling hype about prom or you’re indifferent, if you’re plus size you want to look and feel just as glam as everybody else up on that stuffy dance floor.

Well, now you don’t have to fret about the struggle of finding a prom dress to fit your frame. Check out these 12 sources for a dope prom dress that’ll really knock ’em dead.

Have you tried any of these shops? What’s your opinion of them? Do you have any other suggestions for great places to get formal, plus-size clothes? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Heather Montgomery (Olden)

    A great idea if you are going for a more simple or classy look and trying to save some cash is to start a Gwynnie Bee membership and use one of their dresses! The membership is free for the first month if you go through my website (http://moneymakingmama.org/join-gwynnie-bee) and they have tons of really nice, expensive dresses! And if you decide to keep one of the dresses, they give you an awesome deal!

  • lukebigsby

    There are so many choices when buying plus size prom dresses online, and many online stores that specialize in this field. Buying online is a great way to buy the perfect plus size prom dress. The great thing is that you can buy the dress you want and select from many different designers.

  • Rebecca

    http://WWW.Torrid.com is a site for plus-sized clothing. They have beautiful clothing and they have gorgeous formal wear. On another note, Ashy it is comments like yours that make an eating disorder look like a realistic solution. Girls die from eating disorders every day. Think about that before you disrespect other females. One day it could be someone you know. Don’t be an advocate for the wrong thing.

  • Ashy

    Or lose some weight

    • Or not and look rad in a gorgeous prom dress made for their gorgeous, plus size body. If you have a problem with people who wear plus size clothing, keep it to yourself.

      • ashy

        Beautiful dress to be ruined by the grease drippings of cheap mcdonalds fries

        • Because only plus size people eat greasy food and fries? Get a clue and quit trolling, it’s not a good look.

    • Brianna

      Or change your personality ^^^ Rudest thing ever, honestly, I have big boobs, and a lot of the time I have to find plus sizes because nothing fits my boobs. It sucks big time and I’m very insecure about it, and to have people like you come and say judgmental things about girls who need a larger size, for whatever their reason, doesn’t make it any easier to feel good about yourself. The reason plus size is looked down upon in the media is because of close minded people that feed into the belief that beauty is only thin. So thanks for that.