The 10 Weirdest Things You Probably Secretly Do In The Shower

While I hate the maintenance that comes with it (having to do my hair, ugh), I love showers. A long, hot shower is so relaxing – it feels great, it’s the perfect time to think, and I feel all shiny and clean afterwards. But while the shower is one of my favorite places to go to get a little clarity, I have to admit that I totally have secret singing sessions in there as well.

You’re bound to do some weird things in the shower yourself – secretly, of course. I mean, let’s get real. You’re alone in a little space, left to do whatever you want because no one is watching you. It’s the perfect opportunity to be silly. Reddit knows it too. I love this hilarious Ask Reddit thread on weird things people do in the shower… and you will do, because you’ve probably done half this stuff.

What do you secretly do in the shower? Do you do any of these things? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Baily

    I do all of them I sometimes eat to!!lol

  • Coolgal45

    Haha love these. You should add brushing your teeth in the shower too.

  • Madeleine

    So weird how this is all insanely true!

  • Me

    I do all of these, including the forth one. The shower is the only time I get in private…

  • india

    Pretend your crush/SO has just happened to magically appear in the shower to seduce you. You’ve thought it. ADMIT IT.

  • Morgana5953

    Who would think to blow their nose in the shower with their hand in the first place? To each their own, but to me that’s disgusting.

  • JosceliaP12

    I sit in the shower and slide back and forth. Wierd.

  • Lavieta

    Omg, “Jukebox Hero” by Journey, I’m crying. XD That song is by Foreigner….

  • Gwen

    The first few were right but the rest were wrong. #4real #shower

    • Morgana5953


  • Izzy

    I think I’m the only person alive who doesn’t sing in the shower

    • Amelia

      You’re not the only one! I don’t either 🙂

      • Taylor

        Everyone has sung something in the shower

  • StayBeautiful

    Shower is a magical place

    • rose