10 Washi Tape DIYs That Are So Cute You’ll Cry

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but washi tape is the coolest new craft supply. Except it’s not really new. Washi tape is essentially masking tape, but way cuter and more durable, yet gentle. It doesn’t rip up paint or ruin surfaces, and it can easily be used to update anything. I’m serious. Anything.

It’s also pretty cheap. I’ve been seeing it in craft stores everywhere, but you can purchase it online as well. Washi tape comes in every color and pattern imaginable, which makes it the perfect DIY supply. To inspire you, here are some of the cutest things you can do with it:

Put it all over your notebooks to make them prettier or differentiate between subjects.

Add a little flare to your door by tracing the borders with your favorite color.

Or create your own wall decals. You can make letters or shapes or animals. The options are endless!

Update your boring power cords by wrapping them in washi tape.

You’ll never get off the computer when your keyboard looks this precious.

Instead of painting your room, just cover it in washi tape stripes.

Make an old headband brand new!

Decorate your laptop by filling in the logo or even creating your own shapes.

Dress up your boring old light switch plates!

Wear washi tape around your neck with this necklace DIY.

Have you used washi tape? What DIYs have you done with it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • StayBeautiful

    this is awesome! need to buy some of these tapes.