10 First Time Sex Scenes That Are Actually Realistic

In so many TV shows and movies we’re used to seeing sex scenes full of sheet clenching, gasping moans, bed frames pounding, even during someone’s first time. But anyone who loses their virginity in a bed full of flowers, candles and general perfection is an anomaly. We all know that the first time having sex isn’t supposed to be glamorous, but that never stops anyone from thinking that there is something seriously wrong with them if their first time sucks.

That’s why it’s refreshing when we see sex portrayed in a realistic light. Check out this round up highlighting 10 realistic first time sex scenes from TV and film.

Are there any other realistic first time sex scenes that you love? Which ones make you cringe? Which are disturbingly familiar? Tell us in the comments!


10 Favorite Masturbation Scenes From TV And Film


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  • LadyTy

    Also the scene in Love in Basketball with Monica and Q was pretty realistic as well.

    • Kay

      I was waiting for it the whole slideshow!

  • rajesh singh


  • Brittany

    I was actually really surprised that the sex scene from The First Time wasn’t on here. I thought it showed the awkwardness perfectly and it pretty much hit the nail on the head in the after scenes.

  • Sanna

    I thought that Matty and Jenna from Awkward. was going to be on the list. Jenna described it as it is: a little painful, weird but perfect at the same time also like Sadie said sometimes regret you have sex with.

  • Samantha.Jane

    I was totally expecting to see the scene from the Notebook here when Noah and Allie get to the house by the lake to have sex for their first time together; they’ve been in love all summer and on the way there are both expecting something to happen, but the emotional and surreal intimacy between them is so fragile, then Allie starts really freaking out about all of these thoughts that she is having while Noah remains silent and composed- how many of us haven’t had millions of thoughts running through our heads when we get closer to a guy we really like?!
    Absolutely loved the raw honesty of that scene ♥

  • Sadie

    The First Time was a really great movie about how having sex for the first time can be awkward (really awkward), terrible, painful, and that you can have regrets about it without having regrest about WHO you did it with.