10 Tips On How To Deal If Your Ex Doesn’t Want You Back

Okay, something really weird/depressing is going on in the celebrity world right now. A few months ago, when Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie announced they were separating, one of the oddest reactions to the news was from Aaron Carter. He tweeted some stuff, and then sent out a DM that made it obvious he wasn’t over Hilary yet (the two dated for a little while back in the early 2000’s).

We haven’t heard much from Aaron since then, but the other day, he showed us that he DEFINITELY isn’t over Hilary and totally wants her back. Not only did he retweet a (gorgeous) picture of her, but he sent out a bunch of tweets, saying things like this:

According to College Candy, it even looks like he posted a throwback picture of the two of them on his Instagram (he may have deleted it though). Hilary hasn’t responded, and considering the fact that there are regularly pictures of her with her husband, it looks like things might not go Aaron’s way. 

It’s easy to laugh at Aaron for this, and call him mean names for being so vulnerable about his feelings on the Internet, but I can’t do that. This is sad! I think we’ve all been in Aaron’s position at one point or another, where we desperately want an ex back, but they’re just not interested at all. It sucks, and it’s really difficult to deal with. I honestly feel for Aaron right now.

If you’re going through the same thing, here are 10 tips on how to deal if your ex doesn’t want you back. Don’t worry – you and Aaron can get through this!

Have you ever wanted an ex back but they weren’t interested? What do you think about this Aaron Carter/Hilary Duff thing? Tell me in the comments.


10 tips on how to get your ex back

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