8 Terrible Things That Can Happen When Getting Ready For Prom & How To Fix Them

We’re officially in prom season, which means it’s time for dresses, promposals and prom prep! Getting ready for prom is really fun. I remember getting up early, getting my nails done with my mom, doing my makeup and hair and finally slipping into my dress. Taking a full day to get ready for something is a lot more awesome than you think it is.

Of course, any big event is prone to mishaps. For my junior prom, I ended up redoing my makeup after getting it done because I hated it. I hope nothing goes wrong for you when you’re getting ready for my prom, but it’s best to be prepared just in case! Here are some common things that could go wrong while you’re getting ready and how you can fix them:

You get a spray tan that makes you look like a cast member from Jersey Shore.

Solution: Get in the shower ASAP and exfoliate your butt off!

You discover some sort of stain on your dress and have no idea where it came from.

Solution: Dab the stain with a wet washcloth. DO NOT RUB. If it’s still visible, try using a Tide-To-Go pen or even a little bit of gentle soap.

Or your dress rips.

Solution: First, cry. Then get your mom to drop whatever she’s doing to help you. See if it can be fixed with a safety pin or two. If not, cry for a minute then grab a sewing kit (there should be one somewhere in your house) and see what you can do.

Your hair won’t cooperate and keeps falling.

Solution: braid those locks or throw up a sleek bun.

Your makeup does not look like you wanted it to.

Solution: go basic with a simple cat eye and bold lip.

Your shoes hurt within five seconds of putting them on.

Solution: put on some socks with your heels and hit them with a hair dryer to stretch them out a bit. Pack a lot of band-aids in your clutch.

Your nail polish smudges or chips.

Solution: take it all off and put on a clear coat. Natural nails are chic.

You can’t find your date’s boutonniere.

Solution: Pick some leaves and a flower from your yard and pin it together.
What do you think can go wrong when getting ready for prom? What about at prom? Tell us in the comments!

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