15 Celebrities Talking About Bisexuality

It’s not exactly shocking news that some of your favorite celebrities are bisexual. Anyone who is familiar with pop culture could list some of the most well-known bisexual stars out there, like Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, and Pink. And we could go on for days speculating about whether or not some stars are bisexual, such as Cara Delevigne, Rihanna, Frank Ocean, and more.

But instead of talking about celebrities who may or may not be bisexual (that’s their business), I’d rather highlight the stars who have had great things to say about bisexuality. Being attracted to both sexes can be really confusing for some people, and reading quotes like these can be very helpful in making you feel less alone. It’s inspiring to see bisexual celebs open up about their sexuality! So let’s stop focusing on who might swing both ways, and let’s think about what these celebs who have come out have had to say. Here are 15 celebrities talking about bisexuality: 

Which of these celebrities did you not know were bisexual? Do you think you’re bisexual? Which of these quotes is your favorite? Tell me in the comments.


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  • birdy

    Most of these sound like they could also be pansexual, esp. Kesha and Amber. Megan Fox’s response is just ugh. No. >:/

  • Jane

    A few months ago my guy friend said he ahd 2 crushes, and I was trying to guess who they were. He was saying stuff like it could be 2 girls, or it could be 2 guys or it could be a guy and a girl. I said stuff like “oh, i hope it’s 2 girls. otherwise, ew!” and he asked me if i was homophobic or something. i said no, of course, but i did realise that the sort of thing i’d been saying was homophobic, and i stopped thinking that way. then about a month later, he told me it was a guy and a girl and that he was bisexual (and then 2 months later he told me that it actually wasn’t true)

  • Colette

    I feel like some bisexual people try to say they have the “best sexuality” by constantly repeating that they love people and gender doesn’t matter.

    It tends to make people who are gay and straight feel like they’re being accused of being sexist.

    Sexuality is what it is. No one is really better than the other. And there’s no need to put someone down for theirs.

    • PieLover2808

      I agree so much, Colette! No one is never better than the other! We are all different, but we are all also the same. We all live together in this world and we all deserve to have our own beliefs and customs. I know that some of the quotes give off a “I’m better than you” vibe (especially the Megan Fox one, I really think that could have been worded differently), but I really appreciate all these celebrities that took the time to explain how bisexuality is nothing to be afraid of! I hate how gay, lesbian or bisexual people are still shamed in this world for having different views on society. It’s not right!

  • ashia

    this was very encouraging. especially seeing shailene Woodley. im not sure if im straight. my thoughts are always focused on dudes but every so often i find myself thinking about a cute girl and wondering what it would be like for one to have a crush on me.