Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know ’90s Music?

How well do you really know '90s music? | Source: Wenn

How well do you really know ’90s music? | Source: Wenn

Whether you grew up during the decade or you’re just obsessed with watching those VH1 countdowns, you might be a bit of an expert in all things ’90s, especially the music. But do you really know your Backstreet Boys song from your ‘N Sync? Do you know which hit singles propelled TLC to stardom? Do you actually know about Oasis beyond that “Wonderwall” song?

Find out now in our ’90s music trivia quiz! Test your knowledge and find out how much you really know.

P.S. Don’t cheat!


What is your favorite band, group or artist who reigned supreme in the ’90s? Least favorite? Most overrated? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Lyla

    One of your questions has the wrong answer–“Man I feel like a woman” is Shania, not Sheryl

  • aliyah

    tlc nsync spice girls