12 Essentials You Need For A Spring Break Beach Trip

I’ve seen Spring Breakers more than I’d like to admit, and that’s not how I want anyone’s spring break beach trip to end up. But I always went to the beach for spring break because what’s more fun than sun and sand and surf? I may be terrified of going in the ocean, but I don’t mind posting up on the sand and catching up on some reading. I commend everyone who goes on spring break in the mountains or somewhere cold because that is just not for me.

Spring break is coming up pretty soon for a lot of you, and I’m officially jealous. But if I can’t go on spring break with you, I can at the very least help you prepare for it. If you’re getting ready to go on a beach trip for spring break, make sure you’ve got these 12 essentials packed:

Where are you going for spring break? What other essentials do you think you need for the beach? Tell us in the comments!

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