7 Horrible Lessons You Probably Learned From Pocahontas

Pocahontas is a great Disney flick. I too wanted to paint with all the colors of the wind and run barefoot. I envied her hair. I think John Smith is why I like blondes. It’s a beautifully animated film, but the problems behind it are not so pretty.

First of all, it was awesome that Disney made a movie about Native Americans. BUT it was also terrible because they Disneyfied it to death and not in the best way. What happened between Native Americans and English settlers was not cute or something to sing along to. Pocahontas came out when I was five, and I was pretty appalled when I actually started learning about Native American history. Disney had me thinking something else! Anyway, here are some of the most problematic things with Pocahontas:

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The Princess And The Frog is pretty messed up too

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  • my2cents

    It’s interesting what you said about the song Savages. I won’t outright disagree with you because what do I know, but as a kid, to me, that song was the Villain Song, like Poor Unfortunate Souls, or Be Prepared – you knew as you were watching it that you were supposed to find it abhorrent, or creepy. I thought in fact that what they did by having the Native Americans also singing it was to imply that the two parties had equal grievances, the Native Americans who wanted war were equally The Bad Guys. If I have any problem with it, it’s that. But I felt like the use of the word savages was intended to portray (and succeeded in portraying) the ugliness of the word and the concept, especially after the English characters had been using it to casually refer to the Native Americans throughout the movie up to that point.

  • Jaspirita

    … You do realize that the song Savages was sung by both the Europeans AND the Natives in the movie? Each side saw the other as savages. It wasn’t one sided like you are trying to say it was. Have you even seen this movie? The song was perfect because you get to see how both sides hate each other without knowing anything at all about each other. That was the whole point!

  • Katia

    I think “Savages” does the opposite of perpetuate it, it addresses it. It uses the term ‘savage’, which was unjustly used against Native Americans, and alters the connotation to mean “anyone who acts with malice and has a closed mind.” Both groups fit it in that moment, but the audience sees that the English fit that description the most. It’s not an unnecessary song, it’s perfect right where it is.

  • Lissa

    I usually hate these articles but I kind of agree with this one. Buuut “Savages” is one of the best Disney songs ever made. It portraits the fear of the unknown perfectly on both sides. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Ana

    Also, I think that the only people who could correctly tell us about the real Pocahontas are herself, and the people who lived in her time period and knew her personally. So can we just leave it at the fact that we don’t really know for sure what Pocahontas’s real role in this situation in history. Because thats the thing. it’s HISTORY, as in something that happened a long time ago, and we weren’t alive then. So really, we, as beings living several years after this specific period of time, we can’t say much about this, and the fact being the Native Americans had their own languages, and their written records, if any, would have been hard for even the most advanced historians to decipher, and some importants details and key facts may have gotten mixed up in translation.

  • tay

    seriously its a movie….

  • Mersades

    Actually the savage song is am historical reference to how the White settlers actually hated the Native American and how incredible racist the settler actually are when i got to high school and learned how Natives were treated. The song made so much more sense. White settler hated Native American no matter if they were integrated or not.

  • Disgurl

    Whoever writes these is a bad person…straight up a hater. Get a real opinion and wrote some useful articles.

  • M

    I don’t think the Savages song was unnecessary. I didn’t read it as a “catchy song that perpetuates the idea that Native American people aren’t human.” They address that the word “savage” means “not like you” early on in a conversation between Pocahontas and John. It’s a song about how dehumanizing people leads to war and violence, which was a major theme in the movie.
    Not that there aren’t a lot of gross things about Pocahontas, but Disney often includes a song that says horrible things so kids have an easy way of identifying those things as wrong. Like when Ursula gives Ariel dating advice, you’re meant to understand that everything she says is a mean lie.

    • S

      Ayeee this gurl 😀 ^ I totally agree with everything she says. And it’s not like a little kid is going to watch this and then go around dissing Native American culture. It’s Disney, for crying out loud!

  • Ana

    i know this is completely irrelevant to what is being discussed here, but i just want to point out that john smith’s hair is fabulous. :). sorry this had nothing to do with this article

  • J

    You do know that this wasn’t an original story idea, right? These events are based on true historical events. Do your research and you’ll see that almost the entire movie is based on history. Just saying.

    • Federica

      I agree, I really think you should stop dissing disney and other tv shows