Would You Rather: Flirting Disasters

How did Tai even handle her awkward flirting situations? | Source: Clueless/Paramount

How did Tai even handle her awkward flirting situations? | Source: Clueless/Paramount

I don’t now how to flirt. Yeah, no matter how many guides I read or mental preparation, I’m never able to actually do it. I have the flirting skills of a limp noodle, but I’d rather be unable to flirt than be terrible at it.

But flirting disasters are a pretty common and pretty, well, disastrous. Whether it’s an unexpected belch or realizing that this guy or girl just isn’t into you, with flirting can come some pretty awkward results. So which terrible flirting situation would you rather be in? Take our poll and see for yourself!

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What’s your most awkward flirting story? What were the results? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatar Wendy says:

    I was flirting with this guy once and he told me he had a girlfriend so I got really embarrassed

  2. avatar sfthomas says:

    I was once at a party with my crush and “flirting” and (long story) I ended up falling face first on his crotch…so I could probably deal with any of these situations now

    • avatar cowgirls friend says:

      im so sorry i thank you should tell him what happend

    • avatar FanGurl13 says:

      Oh my gosh, I want to lol, but…. not… Hell, i dont even know how to pull a cover up off… Just laughing and say” Well best flirt ever” lol.

    • avatar Danielle says:

      Lol omg I feel you, I think everyone has had an embarrassing flirt moment

  3. avatar Maddie says:

    I once spit in a guy’s face by accident while trying to flirt with him. :$

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