10 Signs You Can Trust Your Boyfriend

Trust is one of the most important parts of a relationship – without it, it’s really difficult for things to actually work. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to develop complete trust in a person. In fact, it’s the opposite of easy… it’s really freakin’ hard, especially if you’ve been hurt and/or betrayed in the past.

Putting your trust someone is essentially you making yourself more vulnerable, and a lot of people have trouble with that. I’m one of those people. I’ve been burned pretty badly in the past, by both close friends and romantic partners, and it has caused me to be extremely cautious about who I trust now. I know that a lot of you are in the same boat. But when you meet someone who you really like, you want to trust them… it’s just that there’s always this nagging voice in the back of your head asking if this is really a good idea. 

For those of you who are stuck in this situation, here are 10 surefire signs you actually can trust him. Now take a deep breath, and learn to let go of the past!

Are you dating someone right now? Do you trust him or her? How do you know when you can trust someone? Tell me in the comments.


10 signs you definitely can’t trust him

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    can a girl from a good home date a street boy or even a ware world boy

  • dristi

    I was in a relationship with a guy since one year three month things were good but 6months later when i posted our pics to facebook i dont know who he says that she is his cousin but according to her she is girlfriend and in facebook their comments look like seriously they are in realtion but he always says me it is not he his brother is doing all this and after i left him still he says me to come back in his life should i trust him and go back or should i move on.??

  • Linda Gardner

    I found out about my ex-husband’s first affair 10 years after we were married. I was crushed, angry, sad, hurt and a million other feelings all at once. We decided to separate and still work on our marriage. While we were separated, I found out about another affair he was having because i hired to Bird Eye to provide me real time access to his phone while i wasn’t living with him. This really helped my lawyer during the divorce process. Thanks to (BIRDEYE dot HACK at GMAIL dot COM ) for letting me know this. He does all sort of hacks too, you can contact him and thank me later. Tell him Linda referred you, he’ll help.

  • blueheaRT

    Well i was really hurt by my boyfriend while trying to get to know him. Lets say i ended u being blocked for no reason but family issues. He recently has bee very persistent on apologizing. So i decided to listen to his reason and i understood his reason. His mother wanted him to marry his ex-girlfriend. For about a 2 weeks or more, while i was blocked i was harassed and made fun of by his ex which she called herself his friend. Im traumatized with what she put me through and i just need advice. The guy and I are trying to get one know each other more. But honestly i am terrified of him. Im scared of being hurt again. My self-esteem is really low because he never expresses how he feels. He is extremely closed-off and he acknowledges that.Hes told me he cant open up to anyone (except if it was his wife). Idk if i should keep this up. I think way to deep into things and cry easily. If he doesnt open up my heart cannot feel at ease and believe he is trust worthy. I cant joke around and be fun around him because if i cant read someone else feelings i feel like a loser.

    • Christian Rogers

      Girl, in my opinion, you’re torturing yourself. I come from a place of being closed off like that. I literally had to rebuild my personality to ‘get it right’. If he’s so closed off, it’s unfair for him to string you along like that. I say this because the problem lies in his perception of trust and relationship, not in the act of trust or relationship as these are natural to human beings. I think the fact you’ve stuck with him this long says a lot about your character, but it’s wasted on a guy who can’t open up yet. The only way he’ll be able to truly open up is 1. if he just says ‘fuck it’ and goes with the flow but even that requires so much energy it’s doubtful it’s sustainable. 2. Face the deepest hurts and overcome them; I was never able to do it with someone by my side due to the trust issues. I literally had to become homeless to get people to stop ‘helping’ me so I could build myself up in peace without anyone else’s influence, which would have resulted in too many questions and thus an unstable personality. Please forgive the weirdness, life can be surreal at times. 🙂 Best wishes and no harm intended


  • JJainet

    hey !
    i would like to share with you something . i am in a relationship with a guy for 3 months right now ! he is having a long distance relation with a girl and its been over an year that he is with her . firstly we were best of friends and we fell in love with each other and while we used to chat and talk unfortunately his parents got to know about me and they have taken my boyfriends cell . We are not able to meet outdoors and not able to contact each other as we are in senior high school students study in same class . we often meet each other in school and whenever i meet him in school he says me “babe i miss you a lot whenever you are not around ” he always assures me that he will have a break up with her long distance girlfriend and he will convince his parents for accepting me . but my question is – should i trust him?
    i have really fallen for him as whenever he convinces me i get convinced
    he shows me his love . his affection. his trust towards me
    sometimes my heart says trust him ,love him madly but on the other side i think of the girlfriend and the parents ?
    i am in a mess what should i do? NEED HELP

  • Davis Brandon

    am very tired of this as i dont hear anything from you , i feel i just keep wasting my time for noting , pleas if you are not interested anymore just tell me rather than just allowing me to waste my time without getting any response from you .and if i dont get any response ill back out of this job . thanks

  • Stephanie Oconnell

    I’ve been with my bf for 3 years now and we’ve been living together for almost 2. I’ve met his family he has met mine. We all like each other and get along fine celebrating holidays etc.. The problem is that from the beginning even though he had been broken up from his previous gf when we met (she dumped him)he was still actually talking to her and seeing her. We had never ending fights about this and their “friendship” they did things I should have broken up with him over many times, and found out about them because the witch threw it in my face every time she had a chance (she had been trying to break us up the moment she found out about me) fast forward 2 1/2 years into the relationship he did finally start having sex with her again. of course it was her that sent me text and pics of their affair and busted him out. I still decided to stay. But now here I am asking myself daily, does he feel anything for me? How could he do that if he felt anything for me??

  • rochelle

    me and this guy are just friends but every time we suppose meet and do things he stop answering his phone and text messeges this has three times now so it makes me woner but be honest about everything else i ask

  • Tina Marie

    Ive been in a relationship for 10 yrs now.The past year my bf lied to me about who he was going out with that nite,come to find out it was my sister.It really hurt me badly,i tryed to forgive him ,but its always on my mind.I just dont know what to do,because i love him so much.

  • angel

    I.need advice. My boyfriend was on skype and i walked in the room. He immediately hunched over his computer when i asked who a particular girl was in his contacts. He got mad and said I should trust him. He said he was insulted by my lack of trust. He said it was his sister and if i truely respected him that i could take his word and not need proof. Am i just paranoid? He never cheated on me tho ive been with people that did. Advice anyone.

  • Lara

    I am in a relationship and have been with my partner for a year and I thought we were fine until I found an email that he sent to this girl.. it only said hi how are you? but I found out that ages ago he was sending rude pictures to this girl.
    I totally don’t trust him now because I believe he is looking for someone better?
    I am very paranoid now and have no idea what to do!!

  • Syncere Lucasi

    He got 8 out of 10 were neighbors I’ve never met his family who are strick or his friends who are as he puts it kinda lame. And some of his words are just talk. He takes forever to shovel the driveway.. And other things he says he’s going to do but procrastinates so much. Make me feel unloved that he doesn’t do his man jobs..empty trash shovel snow. Plastic wrap windows for winter fix things in a timely manner. And even though he is a ducky present giver won’t even go out of his way to ask one of my friends/family for help on present buying

  • gee

    I’m having a very hard time trusting my boyfriend of 2 and a half years. Because I have past issues since I’ve been cheated twice. I love him so much and I’m trying my best to trust him, I’ve read everything google can give me to trust him, or even reasons why I should, but some of things that are on here he doesn’t do. Not because he is a cheater but because that’s just his personality. He’s always kept to himsel, he’s never really opened up to anyone. And if he doesn’t want to tell you anything, then he doesnt want too. Now that’s what’s making it hard for me to trust him. He’s personality gets in the way of me trying to shake my that jealous feeling. I love him so much and would do anything to shake this feeling that I’ll be left and betrayed by him. But if there is no way, I think I may want an out because I got to think of my own future.I see him there but lately, it’s fading. What should I do??

  • Merit

    I have a boyfriend, who is always with his ex but i trust him tho. Now there is this new girl his always with and it really make me not to trust him again. Am just confuse cause he keep telling me there is nothing going on between them.

  • keke

    I recently found out that he has been texting his ex. Should I trust him? Because I found out before and he said he would stop. But then he started texting her again. I don’t know what to do.

  • anne

    Im now at the situation where Im giving his last chance.. he said he will do everything to make it up to me again. starting a new page, he told me to forget the past. he lied to me before when he was talking to other girls behind my back. that’s the reason I don’t trust him anymore. I stayed with him but I don’t trust him like before. So now, he wanted me to trust him again, he said all the things I did which he didn’t like before and etc. so now, I don’t want to be unfair so I want to trust to him again, but the thoughts of him lying to me before are flashing back. Last night, I asked him if he was angry when im checking on his phone.. he said NO PROBLEM.. but if you really trust to me, you will NEVER check my phone. So now im reading articles online regarding checking of the phone. he always check my phone anyway. but when it comes to him, he is saying that, now he said. I should trust him and his words.. but trust me.. its so hard because I don’t know what to do. does checking his phone does mean I don’t trust him?

    • gem

      If there is no trust what’s the point ? Believe me I know how your feeling and what your going through xlying is an additiction

    • Tina Marie

      If there is no Honesty ther is no Trust ,if ther is no trust ther will be no future!!

  • Lennie

    I am in a relationship for a year now. The guy I’m with had pursued me and said that I’m the only one he lives. However, I recently found out that his ex has been recently texting, calling, video chatting, and she’s all over his social media. He said they’re friends, and that there’s nothing more to it. However, I told him him I felt that’s that’s more than being in a friend zone, and I am very much uncomfortable with the fact she’s commenting with all his post on social media and saying inappropriate words if they are friends. We got into a fight over this, but he seemed that he’s making excuses for her actions instead of trying to understand my point. She was an ex for a reason right? But why is she coming back and why is he entertaining her more than me? I’ve been told by my friends to leave him be and just move on, but I love this guy so much and it wasn’t easy. I did trust him, but now, he’s acting somewhat shady and I don’t know if I should.

    • Stephanie Oconnell

      Do Not trust either of them. I went through this crap of him being “friends” with his ex from day one. They did so much s*** behind my back until they eventually started screwing again. The more they saw each other ..the more they saw each other. They couldn’t get enough of each other and it was one BS excuse after another to be around each other. Birthdays, graduations, church all in the namesake of friendship. Before it’s too late late and you move in together have a baby together or get married, end it. Another woman should be the furthest thing on his mind if he’s into you. And don’t underestimate that ex he dated, no woman wants to see another woman come along and get everything she didn’t. As a woman, she knows better. She wouldn’t like it if she was dating him and some ex was doing that to her, she’s being a disrespectful bitch trying to get you to walk.

      • blueheaRT

        I agree with you, the same thing happened to me. They always lie when they say they are just friends. They will continue to lie and do things behind your back..