Before They Were Famous: 7 Videos of Jennifer Lawrence When She Was Young You’ve Probably Never Seen

Jennifer Lawrence

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I know that over the past few months, Jennifer Lawrence has gotten a little bit over-played. We all fell in love with her, and everyone wanted to be her BFF, and we liked her so much that no one could stop talking about her. But is that really our fault? There’s a reason we fell in love, and that’s because Jennifer Lawrence is awesome. I don’t care how over-played she is, I am a huge fan.

I don’t just love J Law because she won’t stop talking about her obsession with food and eating (although that is pretty nice to hear). I think that, overall, she seems like a really cool, genuinely fun chick that you would want to be friends with. Like someone you could have fun with no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s being bums and watching TV, or going somewhere exciting.

J Law made it big after her performance in the indie movie Winter’s Bone, but a lot of people don’t realize that that wasn’t her first acting gig. Jennifer was doing other small roles before she impressed everyone with that movie, and watching old videos of her is really fun. If you’re as big of a fan as I am, check out these 7 videos of Jennifer Lawrence when she was young that you’ve probably never seen.


Jennifer in Monk

J Law’s first acting role was as a mascot on the show Monk in 2006. Look how young she looks!


Jennifer in Cold Case

In 2007, Jennifer got a role in a sad episode of Cold Case.


Jennifer in Medium

Also in 2007, J Law had a role on the show Medium for a few episodes. I barely recognized her here!


Jennifer in Garden Party

Jen played Tiff in this movie that I’ve never heard of in 2008. It actually looks kind of good… I kind of want to watch it.


Jennifer in Poker House

This is another movie I’ve never heard of, but wouldn’t mind watching. It seems really interesting… and Jennifer obviously gravitated towards more creepy, complicated roles.


Jennifer in The Burning Plain

With the kind of serious roles and movies Jennifer was starring in, it was obvious that she was going to get something really good one day. And she did!


Jennifer in The Bill Engvall Show

I’ve never heard of this show, but J Law had a starring role in it for about two years. I never knew she was a TV star for a little while.


Are you a fan of Jennifer Lawrence? Which of these videos surprised you the most? Who do you want to see old videos of? Tell me in the comments.


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