15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Deal With Really Bad PMS

Ever since I first started getting my period, I have had to deal with some seriously horrible PMS. I am indescribably jealous of all of you girls who talk about easy periods where you don’t have drastic mood swings that make you think you might be legitimately crazy, or cramps that make you want to crawl into a ball on the next available surface. I have never had an easy period, no matter what I try.

PMS is just bad for me, and I don’t know why. I guess I’m just unlucky. But because it’s not this severe for every girl out there, a lot of people don’t really understand why I act the way I do when I have my period. It’s really frustrating, because a lot of the time, blaming my actions on PMS sounds like a lame excuse… but it’s genuinely not.

My favorite New Girl GIF of all time.

My favorite New Girl GIF of all time.

If you experience really bad PMS also, I know you get it. So, this is for you… it’s also for my poor boyfriend, who has to put me up with me when I’m like this. Here are 15 things you’ll only understand if you deal with horrible PMS: 


There are times when you literally have no control over your emotions. 

pms gif

You’re like, “Why am I feeling this way?!?!” But no one understands.


For example, sometimes you just feel angry at everyone, but you have no idea why. 

mean girls

They did NOTHING to make you mad, yet you still feel the urge to punch them in the face. But you know they did nothing wrong! So what is happening?!


Also, you’ll just start crying about things that would normally never even make you feel sad.

emotional gif

Yesterday, I cried because I saw an old lady who looked happy. I couldn’t even explain my emotions!


You don’t want to pick fights, but you really can’t help it. 

angry gif

You just want to argue with someone, you know? But wait, maybe you want to make up. Ugh, you do, fighting is stupid. Actually no, you’re pretty furious right now. 


Your cramps will make you feel like you’re giving birth to an invisible baby. 

pms jess

It. Is not. Okay.


All you really want to do is lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself.

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But noooooo. The world still has to be functioning normally.


At a certain point, people stop considering PMS a legitimate excuse for your behavior.




During this time, your stomach becomes a bottomless pit that can never be satisfied. 


You know you just ate, but you’re still hungry, OKAY?!


You will eventually stop caring about tact and you will just tell everyone who will listen that you have your period.

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TMI? What’s that? WHO CARES?


If you’re dating someone, they will eventually begin to instantly recognize the first signs of a PMS meltdown.

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And they know there is nothing they can do to stop it.


You begin to understand what desperation is. It is wanting that one week out of every month to just stop. 


You’ll do anything. Seriously.


Guys will say stuff like, “Oh come on, it can’t be that bad, right?” 

pms gif

When that happens, you are not responsible for what you will do next.


Everyone will try to give you some sort of weird remedy they think will help you. 


Just… stop. You know they mean well but this is not the time.


By now, you have just accepted that there will be a few days of each month where you become an emotional wreck who can’t get anything done. 


What are you supposed to do about it?


But at least your closest friends know that whatever you say during your PMS time, you don’t actually mean. 




Do you get really bad PMS? Can you relate to this? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Kamiko Yamaguchi

    I have horrible horrible PMS, and no one truly understands that I can’t control my emotions. Simpleminded people don’t truly understand. Only my parents, my boyfriend, my best friend, and my two doctors for my meds and therapy understand because they’re always around me all of the time. I’m suffering from awful PMS right now and I have horrible mood swings. Birth Control barely helps me and it makes things living hell for me. It don’t want to kill myself because I’m strong, but I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. I just want someone to understand me, and I think women on this forum will. Thanks for your patience and for listening to me rant and complain while I’m crying and sniffling while typing this.

  • Jade Mcnagger

    I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!! I have scared off the past four guys I have dated, an ex boyfriend, and worried my father due to my God awful PMS. I seriously thought I was crazy and started going to therapy for it. I’ve always had pretty bad mood swings, but I think it got even worse once I got on birth control. You are not alone in this one.

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  • Jane

    during my period i get depressed and anxious and get mad at everyone. and i get cramps that don’t make me double up in pain but that are just annoying. my friends are teenage guys, so i can’t really say “I have my period, so don’t take anything i say seriously for the next couple of days”. I just say “Hey, I think i’m gonna be in a bad mood for the next couple of days. Don’t take me seriously, yeah?” and then they get realy confused. and i don’t really want to explain because TMI. it’s at times like these i really wish i had more girl friends!

  • Hi there

    Hi I am 12 and just started my period and wondered why I was incredibly irritable and wanted to rip the head off of anyone why pissed me off. Also I get cramps so bad I get splitting headaches and want to curl up on my desk and disappear from the pain… But teachers won’t allow that.. THANKS TEACHERS!!!!!!!

  • Iserk

    And let’s not forget about PMDD.

    • Denise McDonald

      I don’t get cramps or have emotional swing but when I eat like pickles or hot Cheetos I have the worst cramps a girl would ever have so I lock my self in my room and sleep all fucking day

  • kuonster

    I don’t get cramps. I do get emotional during my period but I don’t lash out at people. It’s more like I cry… mostly about feeling fat… I do have friends who lash out at me and say they just got their period but tbh, as a woman i dont feel it’s a legitimate reason? I do feel angry when I get my period but heck, I don’t lash out at people. I just exercise the anger away and kill them in my mind. Yep. I exercise and fake murder when I get my period.

  • Rem

    My periods are incredibly bad. For at least the first two days…it is hell. I don’t eat anything because I won’t have the stomach for it. Not only do I get super irritable, but I can hardly walk as the pain from the cramps and body aches are incredibly unbearable to the point where I just stop and want to scream (and sometimes do). I usually have to down almost 5-6 menstrual pills to keep the pain at bay or at least bearable, but it doesn’t work for long and I always have to drink a special tea my mom makes. Otherwise, I will literally be scrunched up in pain for about the entire day or until I literally pass out from the intensity of it all. Sometimes it just makes me feel so sick, where I get fevers and throw up everything that goes into my mouth. Yup. I get pretty bad periods and it totally blows.

  • OMG

    It. Is. So. Bad.
    I don’t get continuous cramps for a whole week or anything, I just have the most unbearable pain nonstop for about 4-5 hours where if I un-scrunch my abdomen for any amount of time (aka standing or walking aka school aka gym class) I feel like I’m going to pass out. Also I’m in this constant state of rage it’s like a churning little pot of boiling lava deep inside of me for 7 days straight where I’m scoffing and scowling and glaring at everyone, I get very jealous and assume the worst of people (Did you just look at my crush? Are you sending him mind messages about me being on my period so he’ll forget me and go to you?!!?! DO YOU LIKE HIM?!? ITS A CONSPIRACY.) I will literally accidentally get into drama bc I’m rolling my eyes at people. Not to mention I actually get sick and throw up occasionally too. Nothing makes it better even curling up in my bed and drinking hot tea.

  • Jane

    my PMS is so bad sometimes that my ex best guy friend thought i was bipolar.
    but i tend to find i have NO appetite AT ALL when i’m PMSing. i can got hrough a whole day with no breakfast, barely any lunch and not be that hungry for dinner, and then not have dessert. WHich is not normal for me because my stomach is usually a bottomless pit.