Gurl Horoscopes March 2014


I hope you’ve been napping lately. If not, start now. Life is going to pick up considerably. And if you’ve been running yourself into the ground, you won’t be on top of your game. Be gentle and kind with yourself because you deserve a break, a rest if you will. And also, a break. As in, “She got her big break.” You deserve every good thing that come to you. Just remember you don’t always have to work so hard. Fun needs to be had to keep you balanced and deep down happy. Capricorns get younger with age, what a lucky trait!

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  • lol i dont wanna say my name

    k sooo I’m in love wid dis guy n I am still not sure whether he loves me back!!!!n I find him sort of mean to me!!!:(

  • Sofi

    I really like this guy and i think he likes me… But im too shy to said hes my crush… Were friends. Sometimes he saw me in class. How can i know if he likes me???

    • An

      I understand how you feel, I was once shy too. The trick is to believe you’re not shy, that you’re outgoing even just for a brief moment. Keep saying to yourself, “I will be fine. I’m comfortable talking to him.” Make conversation, a couple of jokes, flirt if you want. In the end, based on how he responds to you, you’d get your conclusion. Hopefully this helps, good luck!

  • Liliana

    There’s a guy I really like and I’m getting mixed signals from him. I feel like he’s trying to make me jealous. How should I talk to him?

    • Raven21

      Does he know that u like him? What are the type of mixed signals that he gives u some guys just have a lot of girls as their friends which is something that could make a girl jealous.

  • Pam

    This is SO exact for me!!!!!! ;D