8 Twitter Accounts To Follow To Make Watching The Oscars Way Better

The Oscars are this weekend and I’m pretty pumped. Have I seen every movie? No. Does it really matter? Eh, barely. I still know what I’m rooting for in just about every category.

If you’re also planning on watching the Oscars and you know you’re going to have one eye on the award show and another on your social media happenings, you definitely need to follow these 10 accounts. From celebrities to snarky critics, get the most out of the Oscars this year.


Gabby Sidibe

Her tweets during this year’s Golden Globes were unreal. She is just the best, period.




Anna Kendrick

We can probably count on her endearingly grim commentary this year:


Lupita Nyong’o

Source: LupitaNyongo @ Instagram

Source: LupitaNyongo @ Instagram

Also excited for some other selfies with her and celebs, like this one she took with Michael Fassbender at the BAFTAs.

Source: LupitaNyongo @ Instagram

Source: LupitaNyongo @ Instagram



The senior editor of Buzzfeed is petty funny to follow during award shows. Remember when E listed Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease as a “fun fact” during this year’s Golden Globes? Yeah, this was Samir’s take on that mess:



Just for the instant GIFs



We’re here for the snark.



Okay, this should just be your source for straight up info (or offensive fun facts about celebrities’ diseases) but sometimes they have some gems:

I mean, find the lie.




Yeah, we covered the Golden Globes and we’ll be covering the Oscars as well, of course. Follow us if you aren’t already!


So what movies do you think are going to run away with the top awards of the night? What about the actors/actresses? And who do you want to win? Tell us in the comments!

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