10 Things You Absolutely Must Do After Bleaching Your Hair

I grew up with naturally dark blonde hair, but for the past seven years, I’ve been dying my hair dark brown. I was in love with that color choice up until this past September, when I started feeling really bored with my hair. So, since then, I’ve been gradually going lighter. Right now, my color is a mix of light brown and dark blonde, with light blonde highlights. But my plan is to go blonde completely, a la my hair idol Nina Agdal.

Why have I been so slow with this whole process? Well, for one thing, I’m scared of making such a big change. For another thing, bleaching your locks is SO bad for your hair. So, so damaging. I absolutely love my hair color right now, but I hate how bleach makes my hair feel. From the second I started going lighter, I noticed a tremendous difference in my hair. When I would dye my hair dark, I would leave the salon feeling like my hair was shinier and healthier. Now after each bleaching session, my hair feels more dry, breaks more easily, and looks more brassy. Ugh.

With the warmer weather coming up (sometime soon, I swear), I know a lot more people who are considering bleaching their hair and going lighter. If you’re thinking about doing the same, or even if you already have, you need to start taking better care of your hair so that you don’t completely destroy it. Here are 10 things you absolutely must do after bleaching your hair. Thank me later.

Have you ever bleached your hair? Did you notice a difference? What color hair do you have? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Claire Wood

    So last summer I decided to dye my hair for the first time. I’m a natural dirty blonde and I wanted to make it ombre (going from my natural color to blonder). It turned out great! However, during the winter it started to fade so I went to a salon to get it lightened up again so she put a toner throughout my whole head which did the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. So I waited a few days and got someone else to dye it back to the way it was but again, it was not what I wanted. Sorry again, I waited a while and was fed up with this and just wanted to go back to my natural color. So the lady convinced me that she had to bleach it (I believed her because I know nothing about hair) and now my hair is white and feels thin and it’s frizzy. I’m embarrassed to go out in public because it looks that bad. Any comments?

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  • Jay

    I have really dark black hair and wanted to go platinum blond. So I just bleached my hair about 2 days ago. I first bleached my hair with the bleaching powder from sallys and used 35 volume developer. After i applied it to my hair and waited 45-48 min, it only turned to a yellowy orangy color but more on the orange side. I thoughy maybe after i apply the platinum toner (from sallys) with the 20 volume developer, it would turn lighter. So i washed my bleached hair, with the purple shampoo from clairol and came out. I dried my hair and applied the toner/developer to my hair for 20 min (Burned like HELLL!!!). Well… boy was i wrong. Im not exactly sure what that did to me. It was still that color, an orangy yellowy that had more of the orange color. Any tips on how to get it to the platinum blond that i want?