10 Things You Absolutely Must Do After Bleaching Your Hair

I grew up with naturally dark blonde hair, but for the past seven years, I’ve been dying my hair dark brown. I was in love with that color choice up until this past September, when I started feeling really bored with my hair. So, since then, I’ve been gradually going lighter. Right now, my color is a mix of light brown and dark blonde, with light blonde highlights. But my plan is to go blonde completely, a la my hair idol Nina Agdal.

Why have I been so slow with this whole process? Well, for one thing, I’m scared of making such a big change. For another thing, bleaching your locks is SO bad for your hair. So, so damaging. I absolutely love my hair color right now, but I hate how bleach makes my hair feel. From the second I started going lighter, I noticed a tremendous difference in my hair. When I would dye my hair dark, I would leave the salon feeling like my hair was shinier and healthier. Now after each bleaching session, my hair feels more dry, breaks more easily, and looks more brassy. Ugh.

With the warmer weather coming up (sometime soon, I swear), I know a lot more people who are considering bleaching their hair and going lighter. If you’re thinking about doing the same, or even if you already have, you need to start taking better care of your hair so that you don’t completely destroy it. Here are 10 things you absolutely must do after bleaching your hair. Thank me later.

Have you ever bleached your hair? Did you notice a difference? What color hair do you have? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Nina

    I’ve been dying my hair for 5 years now or so.. First from long light blonde (my natural color) to mid blonde and i chopped it off.. and i went darker and darker. Until one day i wanted to go blonde again.. Then after a while i went to brown/dark brown again.. Then i bleached it to get lighter dark XD en then bleached it to get red hair.. Then dyed it dark brown again and about.. 2 years ago i’ve been bleach blonde. But my hair recently has become so dry.. And breakable.. Its awful.. I decided to go to a professional to get it to my natural color.. But they dyed it wayyy to dark.. So in 1 day like 3 months ago i bleached it twice in like 1 day.. It ruined my hair. It was gummy and elastic and it was just dead… Now 3 months later i haven’t bleached my hair and i have 6 cm of new hair growth (: i’ve decided i’ll never bleach or dye my hair again.. Just let it be healthy.. And hopefully it’ll grow long again, because it’s really hard to grow when its so damaged

  • J

    I have bleached my hair I have curly hair and I use a flat iron 5 out of the seven days a week but never a blow dryer because I let my hair dry on it’s on! I sometimes go for or 3 days a week Straightning my hair and- it’s a but dry but not to bad because I get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks but I only dye it 3 times a year because the blonde stays really we’ll in my hair I just need to use a product that keeps moisture in my hair

  • Gina B

    I bleached my hair for the past 3-4 years and used a flat iron which damaged my hair a lot. Tried everything available to repair my hair but nothing really helped until someone told me to try a product called SBS Divinity Effect. This is amazing product and your hair feel so soft and healthy after the first treatment . It is a worth trying it.

  • Holly

    Having a hard time with the bleached highlight I got back in July. Dryness most definitely. More prone to tangles. 1st time also.
    Hairdresser didnt tell me until after he used bleach for the highlights. Did all over color with dimension highlighting…
    Hair closest to scalp is platinum, lower goes a caramel, although initially it was orangey at first and he freepainted to get rid of most of it.
    I might have sat too long also…
    Going to try a few of these and see what’ll help. Have a dark brown (or used too) before these. Love the color but not the side effects.

    • Gina B

      I recommend product called SBS Divinity Effect. You should definitely try it. Don’t waste your money on product that don’t work.

  • Megan

    i don’t bleach my hair but I have highlights.

  • katlyn

    Okay I’m on a traveling softball team and our colors are purple well I wanted to dye my ends purple. So I went to a salon in Walmart were a played and she bleached my ends bc they were so dark. Well first she left it in for 20 mins then she kept setting back the time. When she finally did it my hair was completely blonde! Well after she did that she dyed it purple and left it in for 20 mins longer then she washed it out and put some stuff in it and told me to let it air dry from the damage she’s already done to it well today I took a shower and when I left she didn’t say anything to me. But anyways I took a shower and she told me the color was permanent. And as washed my hair with regular shampoo and conditionor the color was coming out. And after I gotout of the shower i looked at my hair and the blonde that she bleached it too is showing idk what to do I wanna dye it black but from her bleaching it made my hair feel weird and more tangly and its my first time bleaching it please help and reply back fast I don’t wanna chop off my hair because its really long.

  • Monica

    I had my hair bleached about 3 months ago and I want to dye it back to a dark color but I’m not sure if it would damage it much more. Any advice ?

    • Jordan

      If you use a semi permanent dye it will actually improve the condition of your hair instead of damaging it. The color may fade after a month or so (depending on how often you wash and how harsh your shampoo is), but because its a semi permanent you can easily reapply the color on your own and not have to go to a salon.

  • Ashy

    Forgot to mention- your hair doesn’t stop growing from breakage lol. (Slide 3) What goes on down your hair doesn’t matter to the new hair growing.

    I thought that was hair basics…

    • Jessica Booth

      Actually, my sister’s hair really did stop growing for a few years. Why would I make that up? It may not happen to everyone, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to some people.

  • Ashy

    People over estimate how much harm bleach does to your hair… (When people say all ofyour hair will break off or you’ll become bald, they simply have no idea what theyre talking about.)
    I do my bleach myself to dye it colors like blue, purple, red etc, and I’ve bleached my hair about 6 times in the past 3 months.
    Just recently, I bleached my hair two times for 60 minutes each with 40 volume peroxide, and my hair is a lot easier to maintaind styles a lot better.

    Maybe I was just blessed with a nice hair type…

    • Lilly

      Actually the more you bleach, use hair spray, dye, and heat curling/straightening your hair will be easier to work with then when it is healthy. That doesn’t mean that trying to take care for you hair is a waste of time. It is really good to do a Olive oil/ coconut oil hair mask on it to help. Healthy hair does not hold hair styles that good at all.