12 Things Everyone Worries About But Never Talks About

I have anxiety so I worry about a lot of things, but my worries are more tailored to my personal experiences. I’m terrified of fish, but I know not everyone is afraid of fish. I also worry that coffee beans will become extinct and that Oreo will go out of business. On a more serious note, I worry that I’m going to fall down the stairs every time I walk down them or that I will chip my teeth.

It’s easy to feel insecure about your worries too, especially if they aren’t common. But don’t let someone make you feel badly about being afraid of certain things! You’re entitled to your fears. However, there are some things that everyone worries about but never talks about:

When you’re not expecting anyone, and the doorbell rings.

That you left your flat iron/curling iron/any hot object on after you left.

That you’re going to get your period out of nowhere.

That eating or drinking something after the expiration date is going to make you sick.

That you’re going to choke while eating by yourself, and no one will be there to save you.

That you’ll sneeze while driving and cause an accident.

That you didn’t lock your doors or windows before you got in bed or left the house.

That something bad has happened if the person you’re calling doesn’t answer.

That you’re balding if you lose a few strands of hair.

That someone is coming to kill you if you hear a noise in your house.

That someone who is staring at you is plotting to attack you.

That you’re going to accidentally text your crush something that was meant for your best friend. Or worse, a text about them!

Do you worry about the above? What else do you worry about? Tell us in the comments!

Not wearing the right bra should worry you

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