15 Amazing ’90s Game and Toy Commercials You Need To Watch Now

Out of all of the ’90s things that make me feel nostalgic, the commercials may be one of my favorites. Re-watching old ’90s commercials makes me remember so many things from my childhood, and always makes me feel super happy, but a little bit sad too. So many memories!

There are obviously hundreds of ’90s commercials out there, and as much as I’d like to show you all of them, I can’t. For now, let’s look at the 15 best ’90s game and toy commercials. Remember this stuff, when times were more simple and we weren’t on the Internet all day? Those were the days when something like Gak could keep us entertained for hours. Sigh.


Hungry Hungry Hippos

I LOVED this game! If I could find mine right now, I would play it again. Hmmm….


Guess Who

THIS GAME WAS SO FUN. And the best part of this commercial is the last line, “Game cards do not actually talk.” That means there was someone out there who thought the cards acted like they do in the commercial.


Skip It

And you will now have this song stuck in your head all day. Sorry about that.


Connect 4

A total classic. I actually think it may be from the ’80s, but I remember it from my childhood too.


Lite Brite

I miss my Lite Brite! This is another jingle you may end up singing all day. It’s not my fault ’90s commercials were so catchy!


Mr. Bucket

“Put your balls in my cup.” I’m sorry, that was inappropriate.



Ugh, now THIS is a commercial jingle I am definitely never going to get out of my head.



Everything about this is so perfectly ’90s. It’s great.



This thing seemed revolutionary to me when it first came around. I always wanted one, mainly so I could bother my brother and sister.


Socker Boppers 

These do not look fun. They look painful. SO PAINFUL.


Mouse Trap

Ooooh, this game was fun. And this cheesy commercial was even more fun.


Don’t Wake Daddy 

I loved this game and commercial when I was younger, because my dad is a light sleeper and I could totally relate to how hard it was to try not to wake him up.






Starring some of our old favorites (Danielle Fishel,Jodie Sweetin, and Larisa Oleynik), this literally could not be more ’90s if it tried.


Shark Attack

I want to play this right now, and I’m not even ashamed to say it.

Which of these commercials is your favorite? Which ’90s game or toy was your favorite when you were younger? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


15 of the best ’90s commercials better than any Super Bowl commercial

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  • jess

    seriously things toys were awesome, now everything is so advanced ! i dont see my brother and sister who are 10 and 11 loving these games as much as i did. everything was so simple in the 90s,

  • Boberson

    Now I feel old