10 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor About Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are great. They can help regulate your period, curb PMS symptoms like mood swings and cramps and most importantly, protect against pregnancy. Using non-hormonal birth control options is wonderful, and of course, you should always use condoms no matter what! But birth control pills can help with a lot of things when it comes to your body.

Finding a birth control that’s right for you can be quite the process. They take time to really work and no one pill is right for every woman. There are so many questions that we can answer about birth control, but there are a bunch of questions that are best answered by your doctor. They know you and your medical history better than we do, so here are 10 questions you absolutely need to ask your doctor about birth control pills:

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Not to scare you, but there are some negative side effects of the pill

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  • surfer_girl

    Hi I’m on dianette. It’s normally used for skin conditions but also serves as a contraceptive. I took it on Saturday had unprotected sex that night. The next morning we had it again on Sunday after my usual time I take it. I did not take the pill that day either cause I didn’t have it with me. I haven’t doubled up and also have not taken the pill since. Is there a chance of pregnancy or am I just paranoid for no reason?

  • Dell

    Using a condom doesn’t protect STDs

  • cutiecam

    I don’t like it when people be judging your relationship

  • Aurora

    Be wary of tri-esterall! It DOES NOT WORK. I have gotten pregnant twice on it, the first time the doctor said it was because of excessive drinking the night of conception, but I stopped drinking after I miscarried from that, and I got pregnant again on it, taking it exactly on time every day, not drinking, not taking any other medications (not even over the counters like advil, just the pill).