12 Signs You’re Totally A Pisces

I love astrology and really do believe that your sign can tell a lot about your personality and behaviors. I’m an Aries and the traits are super spot on for me, but I also fall in the middle of the Aries cycle. If your birthday is at the beginning or end of a sign, you may exhibit traits from the sign before or after yours.

We’re currently in Pisces, which is from February 19 to March 20. It’s a water sign and is symbolized by two fish, which supposedly represents the fluid nature of a Pisces. Here are 12 signs that you’re definitely a Pisces:

You’re extremely creative and have a very active imagination.

But you’re pretty humble about it.

You like to help people and are typically very kind and compassionate.

You’re very in touch with your feelings so you usually make decisions based off your intuition instead of doing what’s considered logical.

Because of this, you tend to worry a lot.

You’re sensitive because of your connection to your feelings.

But you might take things too personally.

You’re an expert at avoidance.

You tend to keep to yourself.

You’re really interested in things you care about, but if you’re not interested in something you seriously lack enthusiasm.

Sometimes you can be a little negative and melancholic, but it’s probably because you feel misunderstood or get wrapped up in your sensitive nature.

You don’t get too caught up in plans and truly can just go with the flow.

Are you a Pisces? Do these things apply to you? Are you a different sign but exhibit Pisces traits? Tell us in the comments!

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  • mas

    your rising sign might be aries

  • Brittney

    I’m definitely more like an aries. I don’t really have any of these qualities while Aries describes me perfectly. Weird.

  • Nadia

    This is pretty much what I’m like, but I don’t make decisions based off my feelings. Not a feeling person.

  • hope

    this couldnt be more wrong for me xD….The only similarity is that i can go with the flow. Otherwise its all wrong, i take nothing peronally, i dont have a sensitive nature, im not negative and definatley not melancholic. Im a senguin, outspoken, strong willed, spontaneous athlete with absoulutley no artsy abilities xD