Do Guys Think It’s Annoying When Girls Text First?

Texting these days is a necessary evil. It’s the easiest mode of communication and allows us to talk without having to actually speak to someone. It’s super convenient, but it also can cause a lot of stress when someone doesn’t respond to a text right away or when deciding which emoji to use.

Texting in the dating world can be complicated and confusing and often feels like a game. Do guys get annoyed when girls text them first? That’s what you’re talking about on the message boards. Let’s see what y’all had to say:

chococookie11 asked:
“Is it annoying when the girl always text firsts? I was just wondering because this guy I like never ever texts me first, and when I text him it to 24 hours to reply but then the convo keeps going? So is he just shy or something? My main question is do guys hate it when girls keep texting first like once a week?”

MeowSezTheCat said:
“He is likely shy.”

Blond3Bitch said:
“I don’t think you should keep texting him first if he doesn’t ever text you. It just shows disinterest from his side, and he’ll probably notice that you like him if you keep sending him all the time (except, if you do it from time to time). But since he shows hints when you’re with him, then maybe you should just wait, because most boys show their interest from Facebook or mobile. At least, it’s the first step to flirting with someone! And no, I don’t find it annoying, but only when the boy texts you first too. If he never does, then just stop. Like I said, girls making the first step is never bad but not when you don’t get a response from him.”

taebadass said:

“Well it does seem he likes you on that.f the guy truly is interested in you he’ll reply to the message the second you send it, but I know some guys that like to play hard to get, so you to need to play hard to get on him too. If he takes a day to reply back to your message then you also take a day to reply back, but there also needs to be times that he text you first which also shows he interested in you. To answer your main question- Guys like it when girls text first, but sometimes the guys like to text first.”

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to this question. I can’t speak for every guy or girl because everyone is different. Some people prefer to text first, some people prefer to be texted.

I do not think you’re being annoying if you text someone first. I get annoyed when I get multiple messages before I respond because if I haven’t responded, I’m probably doing something. If I want to talk to someone, I’m going to talk to them so I don’t want anyone to think it’s wrong to text someone first. However, if you’re ALWAYS reaching out for communication first, I’d probably take a step back. It doesn’t mean this person doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to talk to you, but if someone is really interested, they will make effort to communicate with you as well.

Like I said before, texting is complicated. But do not make it a game. Don’t plan out responding to a text in three hours because he waited three hours. You’re going to drive yourself up the wall if you treat texting like a game. If you feel like the communication is really one-sided, it might not be worth your time. But don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to someone because you’re a girl!

Do you think guys get annoyed when girls text them first? How do you text? Tell us in the comments!

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  • CiaraH

    Met a guy a while back..we went out but nothing came of it..he concluded that I was looking for a relationship..which I was..I met a lovely guy who I dated for a while..during this time, the other guy txt me a lot..asking me out etc..I naturally declined as I was seeing sumone..which he knew..I became single again in July and heard frm the first guy straight away..don’t know how his timing was so good..anyway..went on three dates with him..have been cool but..last week he went away for a weeks business and I haven’t heard frm him at all..what’s going on?? don’t know what to think!!!

  • Stroke

    I met a guy yesterday (Friday) at some warehouse party but we lost each other eventually. We never texted each other asking where we were but I assume it’s because we were both high. But yeah, I left eventually and thought of texting the guy the day after but that seems needy. So I’m just gonna wait when the weekend’s over. That should be fine, right?

  • Hillary

    Mine is, “*your name*” “Hi *your name*” =))