Quiz: Where Are You Really Supposed To Live?

Where are you meant to live? |Source: Felicity/Warner Bros.

Where are you meant to live? |Source: Felicity/Warner Bros.

I was born in a city, I live in a city and–if everything goes according to my tentative plans–I’ll probably die in a city, too. I’m just a city girl through and through and I don’t think anything is going to change that.

I like the beach  in small doses, I could enjoy a mountain hike for an hour or so, but small towns and suburbs bore me to tears. This declaration definitely confuses my friends who grew up in the ‘burbs and can’t imagine living anywhere else. They sneer at my love hate relationship with traffic and they wonder how I tolerate the sound of people shouting at each other on the street at one in the morning, but I love it!

So where are you meant to live? Are you more of a country sort of girl or a beach bum? Take our quiz and find out!



So where would you live if you had the choice? Are you into living in a big city or would you rather live in the middle of nowhere? Tell us in the comments!

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